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    Americans must demand an end to illegal immigration

    Americans must demand an end to illegal immigration

    It’s little wonder our nation has befallen to so many woes when you consider our so-called elected president speaks thusly, “They got to be right one time, and we’ve got to be right 100* percent of the time.” Although discussing terrorism to reporters, the context is insignificant.
    These are not the words of a well*educated man. These are the words, however, of a man who allows 12 million rabbits into the garden before mending the fence. This is a man with no plan to deal with the 12 million trespassers.
    Referring factually with neither bias nor prejudice about illegal Hispanic gatecrashers who have invaded our nation, we have a tremendous problem on our hands. The cost of deportation will be nothing compared to the full impact of 12 million noncontributing people on our society which we have paid to build.
    Very few illegals pay taxes while many avoid housing costs by co*dwelling. Their physical impact on housing, water, sewer, roads, medical, education and other facilities is coming at a staggering price.
    Not to mention, the unnerving frequency of illegals who abandon their uninsured and unregistered vehicles when they wreck into legal motorists.

    We will have to pay for all this. None of this is fair!
    If non-Hispanics were doing these same things anywhere in the known world, they’d be deported and perhaps imprisoned. For reasons unexplained and unprecedented, Hispanics are allowed, albeit encouraged, to operate outside the laws of our country.
    I have no qualms with any immigrant entering America legally. I love all people and embrace equality for all.
    But, it’s high time Americans shrug off the cloak of cowardice and unconditionally insist that our leaders enact the Constitution to protect domestic tranquility, especially of the leader whose only sound plan is his own retirement package.
    END OF AN ERA 1/20/2009

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    Those Whom Aid and Abet Illegal Immigrants

    I believe that those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be penalized heavily. In South Florida, there has been a construction boom and many illegals are working building those expensive ocean front condos. There have been several construction accidents those sites. Reading the local newspaper, you quickly learn that many of those killed in those accidents were illeagl workers. Some of these accidents are the result of unsafe short cuts taken by the employers as they are well aware that the illegals will not complain about anything in order to keep their job. It would make you ill to know how many illegals were caught by immigration working on the city and/or county projects. The icing on the cake is the illegal immigrant who was working in a plant and tree nursery, who gave birth and threw here baby in a portable toilet on the property. The infant died and was found by a coworker and the police were called. The police questioned her and she confessed! Currently she is in jail in the United States and her free legal representation at the American taxpayers expense is trying to allow this baby killer to remain in this country! There were even articles in the lettters to the editor section in the local paper trying to make excuses for her. This is plain wrong and must be stopped!
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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