Americans now more likely to call illegal immigration a 'very big problem' than coronavirus as concerns surge over border crisis

They're hoping leadership will start taking it seriously

Chris Field April 16, 2021

The ongoing crisis at the United States' southern border has been making headlines — even in left-wing papers and on liberal cable networks — and with the surge in illegal immigration has come an increasing concern among Americans about how big the problem at the border really is.

In fact, worry over the scope of the illegal immigration issues has grown among Americans to the point that it has overtaken the coronavirus on the "very big problem" scale, according to Pew Research.

What's this now?

Immigrants began surging toward and across the U.S.-Mexico border following President Joe Biden's 2020 election victory. The crisis has seen record numbers of illegal aliens being detained, thousands of children thrown in cage-like facilities, and families separated.

Not only that, communities are reportedly being forced to take and care for immigrants — even if those communities don't have the resources or infrastructure to properly care for them.

Also, the federal government stands accused of not properly testing illegal aliens for COVID-19 and not informing communities that are being strong-armed into housing them about their health status.