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    America's founding, common language and illeg immig. in '09

    America's founding, a common language and illegal immigration in 2009
    February 22, 11:58 AM
    by James Loe, Phoenix Independent Examiner

    America is facing an internal crisis which we have allowed to grow without seriously addressing it until it now threatens to destroy the very fabric of our society.

    America was founded by immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their posterity. They emigrated from England beginning in the early 1600’s, thus resulting in our primary language being English. A review of the Declaration of Independence signed over a hundred and fifty years later, reveals fifty-six signers, all with English surnames with the exception of one being of Scottish origin.

    As time went by from the American colonies’ original foundings, other emigrants came to America, mostly by choice and sadly, some not by choice. These new emigrants came from any number of places with many arriving in America only speaking their native tongues. These emigrants had enough common sense to realize that in order to most effectively assimilate with American society and have an opportunity to flourish, they would need to learn to speak the common language of America . . . English.

    We all know the history of America’s expansion across the North American continent to include territories previously ruled by Spain, Mexico, France and even Russia. Naturally, most of the peoples residing in those areas spoke their native tongue, but over time they too learned English.

    Fast forward to 2009. We have millions of illegal emigrants in America comprised largely of those whose primary language is Spanish. Many have learned to speak English and many more have not, instead choosing to keep their native language and reside in communities that have chosen not to assimilate into mainstream American society.

    America has long been blessed with the reputation of being the melting pot of the world, blending the rich heritages of many lands in the colorful fabric of our society. America has always welcomed legal emigration to her shores. Other than Native Americans, we all have roots tracing back to somewhere outside of America. Naturally we take pride in our heritage, but are now Americans, presumably here by choice, seeking the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cited and so cherished by the Founders of this country.

    Americans too, have been the most generous of the world’s peoples, sharing our wealth with those less fortunate both here and around the world. We have been able to do this primarily due to America’s great prosperity which we have enjoyed because of our capitalistic, free enterprise economic model. This model has served us well, assuming that those citizens able to do so, will work and contribute to society. Part of this includes paying a fair portion of taxes to support society’s common needs such as schools, public works and national defense. The model of this society, and indeed any society, does not allow for millions of non-citizens living in the shadows, who demand public services without a commensurate economic contribution to that society.

    America’s citizens now are faced with the prospects of a myriad of difficult challenges. We have an ever-expanding segment of our population which does not speak our native language and expects the United States to accommodate their native language in every aspect of our society. This same group of primarily Spanish-speaking individuals has a large segment of illegal emigrants literally taxing America’s ability to provide the basic services to her legal citizenry. We hear more and more, horror stories about trying to get medical attention in emergency rooms only to have to wait for hours because of the flood of illegal emigrants seeking free medical attention. Fire departments are getting more and more medically-related calls which are primarily from illegal emigrants seeking free medical attention. Public schools are flooded with the children of illegal emigrants, all at the American taxpayers’ expense.

    We need to identify just who in America stands to benefit from this massive influx of less-educated, less-skilled group of people. This issue is largely political in nature and it’s the Liberals in America (primarily Democrats) who stand to benefit by providing amnesty to the millions of illegals. By doing so, the Democrats know they will get nearly all of those individuals to register as Democrats in gratitude for the Democrats’ so-called compassion, and thus securing more votes resulting in the Democrats securing more political offices and power.

    As stated previously, Americans are a generous people and just as compassionate as anyone else. We do however, have a limit to our ability to accommodate others, and that limit has now been reached. We can no longer support ourselves as well as the rest of the world. We must put a stop now to this senseless act perpetrated on the American people by those who enter this country illegally with a total disregard and contempt for our laws. NO MAS! ... on-in-2009

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    Many have learned to speak English and many more have not, instead choosing to keep their native language and reside in communities that have chosen not to assimilate into mainstream American society.
    I can even understand it if they stayed in their own community.....what's getting most infuriating, is the instance they live in their own community, yet come to mine for education and jobs and services and expect everyone else to cater to them and make demands and call you racists or whatever, but you can't go into their community and get the same thing. In fact you're seen as an intruder who is not welcome in this section of your own country, state, or town. You MUST include me, but I don't have to include you. You MUST tolerate whatever I want, but I don't have to tolerate anything from you.

    We're not talking taking up roots in an empty section of the country and building a town like they used to either. It's literally running people out of established communities to take it over......that's different to me.
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    illegals not welcome in America.

    illegals must get out of our country.
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