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    Anchor Baby Citizenship Leads To America’s Unraveling

    [size=200][b]A North Carolina Reader Says Anchor Baby Citizenship Leads To America’s “Unraveling
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    This is one of the main things that need to be changed and fast. Maybe it is time we flood DC and demand they fix this proble,!
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    No question...the gross mis-interpretion of the 14th Amendment is the biggest factor in the destruction olf the US! Irreversible error!

    100 years from now, historians will be talking about Mexico's spectacular invasion and conquest of the world's greatest super power...not by a second Mexican/American war, but by an 'army' of illiterate, itinerant, pregnant Mexican peasant women.

    There will probably be huge, life-sized bronze statues erected to celebrate the 'Reconquista'; not statues of Mexican military heroes...but statues of soaking wet, pregnant Mexican peasant women wading and stumbling through the muddy, murky, contaminated waters of the Rio Grande with a map of the nearest ER in one hand, and the American flag in the other hand.


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