Wayne Madsen Report

July 9/10, 2006 -- The Associated Press lies again.In Washington, DC we are used to corporate math. If 500,000 protestors turn out for an anti-Iraq war demonstration, the AP rounds the number down to 100,000.
If 300,000 protest, the number is shaved to "tens of thousands." Of course, the AP can always cite "official" police "estimates" that are also bogus.

The police cleverly arrange pedestrian barricades to give the appearance that less people are in the streets than the actual numbers. The purpose of this "fuzzy math" is to demoralize the political opposition. It is a favorite trick of the right-wing propagandists. If Rev. Martin Luther King were to march on Washington today, his numbers would be described as "tens of thousands," not the 300,000 who actually marched on the nation's capital.

Now, again, the AP has "cooked" numbers to suit their political and corporate oligarchy masters. They have reported that a mere 100,000 protestors demonstrated in Mexico City's Zocalo Square yesterday against the electoral fraud in the Mexican presidential election that robbed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the presidency.

Associated Press and right-wing math: 300,000 = 100,000 and less in Mexico City's Zocalo Square. (Imagine here the image of the Mexico City Square filled with protestors last Saturday - cause I can't get the pic in here )

The AP also continues to refer to Lopez Obrador and his supporters as "leftists," while oil industry lickspittle and fraud, Felipe Calderon, is described as "pro-market" and "conservative," and not as a proto-fascist right-winger on the payroll of the Bush-Carlyle global cartel. The corporate handbill, Time magazine, headlined Calderon's fraudulent victory as a "vote for stability."

Calderon, the Bushes, and the oil cartel will not have an easy time of it in Mexico. From Baja California to Oaxaca and from the Mexico City slums to Yucatan, the progressive forces are organizing to prevent Calderon from assuming control of Mexico.

A Lopez Obrador administration that has to achieve its rightful victory by battling the storm troopers of the oligarchs will be far less likely to cooperate with an American government that is building concentration camps to detain illegal immigrants and an Israeli-style wall on the southern border with Mexico. The Aztec Gods must be smiling at this "perfect storm" that is brewing in their ancient land.