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    AR: Senate candidate Trevor Drown running on Independent tic

    Senate candidate Trevor Drown running on Independent ticket
    B.J. Steed 5 hrs ago

    And he's making his stance very clear on the important issues. One of which is the death penalty.

    "There are those that say you can't be a true pro-lifer by having a belief in the death penalty, but myself, I believe in protecting the lives of the innocent, and by doing so those that take the life of an innocent person should suffer the consequences," says Drown.

    In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that a woman holds the choice on whether to abort her pregnancy or not prompting a national debate that continues today, now an issue Drown must address.

    "Although the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade and said that the woman has the right to chose, they didn't say that federal tax dollars should be used to support that choice," says Drown. "I believe the states should decide whether or not they will legalize abortion," he adds.

    Just one year prior to the matter of abortion affirmative action stood as a platform for similar debate. Now, 40 years later, Drown wonders if it's even necessary.

    "There is so many different races now that you're getting into reverse racism in many instances, so I don't know to what extent or if it is truly an effective tool in helping people go to college or maintain or hiring a certain percentage of people that work in this country," says Drown.

    Illegals in America, yet another problem festering in Washington.

    Drown says, "Why not take actions like former presidents Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry Truman?"

    "There were three presidents that rounded up illegals in the United States and sent them out so that Americans could have jobs and that's what we need to be doing today," Drown says.

    And if elected, he says his time in Washington won't be lengthy for this reason.

    "I believe if we had term limits then we probably wouldn't have the problem that we have today," says Drown.
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    He sounds really good!

    Current Candidate at Trevor Drown (I) for US Senate Arkansas

    Serving Officer at Arkansas Air National Guard

    Owner at All American Vending

    Driver at UPS

    Past: Special Forces Intel & Operations at US Army
    Education: Arkansas Tech University
    Connections: 51 connections Industry Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

    See more on Trevor Drown:
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