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    California or ground zero of the invasion

    Area farmers bemoan shrinking pool of workers ... 4local.htm

    October 21, 2005

    Area farmers bemoan shrinking pool of workers
    Sentinel staff writer
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    More propaganda.

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    This article points out how ILLEGAL immigration has changed in the US in the last 15 years or so.......they are working the fields less and less and WOMEN and CHILDREN are now coming in like never before.

    Bush will try and sell his plan trying to tell the folks that this guest worker is for farm workers.......I have no doubt that illegals are doing jobs that pay up to $30 an hour and YES are displacing citizens. Mostly in construction yes but still there are states where CITIZENS aare doing ALL the jobs!

    Many illegal farm workers went home too after the more....

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    The article makes no mention of the H2-A temporary visa program that is for farm workers. This is how they should be getting their workers. They want people to believe that the only workers they can get are coming across illegally. Their solutions always involve amnesty or more massive illegal immigration. We do not need any more legislation. It's time to enforce the immigration laws that we already have.

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