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    Arizona lawmaker proposes repealing SB1070
    By: MaryEllen Resendez
    Posted: 8:23 PM

    Video at link

    State Senator Steve Gallardo: Do his fellow Dems have the same huevos?

    PHOENIX - The battle over Arizona's controversial immigration law, Senate Bill 1070 is about to heat up again.

    Sen. Steve Gallardo D-Phoenix, plans to submit a legislative bill that will repeal the immigration law that has never gone fully into effect.

    SB1070 passed in 2010, but its most crucial elements were held up by a federal judge.

    Since then, opponents have filed several challenges to the bill which will now be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court this spring.

    But the state senator says the immigration law needs to come off the books now.

    "No one anticipated the outcome that SB1070 would have, the effect that it would have on the state of Arizona, the black cloud, the negative image the crippling of our economy," said Gallardo.

    For the Varela family in Phoenix, the effects of SB1070 hit home when Juan Varela was gunned down in front of his home during the fall out from the controversial bill.

    "SB1070 killed my brother," said Antonio, who was with his brother when a neighbor approached them.

    "He came up saying that there was a new law and that all wetbacks needed to go back to Mexico," recalled Antonio Varela.

    "At that moment things changed, things became real, things became personal... and it didn't find us at a park or a street rally, it found us at the house," said Juan Varela, who was named after his late uncle.

    Both Varelas say they are not against immigration reform, in fact say it's needed, but feel SB1070 is a mistake and support Gallardo's repeal.

    But the bill's co-author, Representative John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, tells ABC15 the bill won't survive.

    "It really demonstrates how out of touch they are with the people of Arizona. SB1070 was wildly popular In Arizona, the polls showed over 70 percent of the people supported it," said Rep. Kavanagh, "This law is needed."

    Gallardo knows repealing the law will be a steep uphill battle, but feels the recall of former Senate President Russell Pearce shows there may be hope.

    "It took Russel Pierce three years to make 1070 valid, it may take us three years to repeal it, but we have to start talking about it," said Gallardo.

    The senator plans to introduce his bill on Monday.

    Read more: Arizona lawmaker proposes repealing SB1070
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    Arizona lawmaker, Sen. Steve Gallardo D-Phoenix, proposes repealing SB1070 Arizona lawmaker proposes repealing SB1070
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    Repealing AZ SB1070 is out of the question.
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