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Arrest made in rape of elderly woman
By: Bill Doak 07/26/2005

In an incident which sent fear into senior citizen complexes throughout the town, a 71-year-old resident of the Willow Arms, a senior citizen apartment complex at 446 Main St., was raped by an attacker who entered her first floor window while she was sleeping early Monday morning.

East Hartford Police Wednesday said they had arrested the man they believed was responsible for the attack in which the victim's first-floor apartment was burglarized. Alejandro Cux yum, 34, was taken into custody after police worked the case around the clock.

Police spokesman Hugo Benettieri said Cux yum was arrested "based on the significant evidence and information investigators have obtained that indicate the individual we have in custody is the person responsible for this burglary and sexual assault. We want all of the residents of East Hartford to rest assured that we have the person responsible for this crime in custody."

Town social service workers informed residents of all the senior complexes of the attack, advising them on how to take steps to ensure their safetly. Although police would not comment on their investigation, those familiar with the well-kept Willow Arms told the Gazette the first floor apartment windows are designed to open, with a security bar limiting the window gap. However that security bar swings away, allowing the windows to open wide enough for someone to enter.

Residents speculated that the victim either did not secure the window bar or the attacker was able to dislodge it.

The victim was recovering from the assault.

Police investigators are still performing follow up investigative work and are preparing necessary reports.

Benettieri said EHPD also sought help from the Immigration, Customs and Enforcement Bureau before arresting Cux yum. He did not provide Cux yum's address or say if the attacker lived in the neighborhood of the high-rise apartment complex off Main Street.

An arrest warrant application is being prepared by investigators, Benettieri added, and will be submitted to the prosecutor's office Thursday. After the arrest warrant is signed and the suspect East Hartford Police said they would release more details about the case.