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Thread: Arrests of Underage Illegal Immigrants Likely to Surpass 2015 Figures

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    Arrests of Underage Illegal Immigrants Likely to Surpass 2015 Figures

    29 Jul 2016
    McAllen, Texas

    MCALLEN, Texas — Authorities on both sides of the border continue to see an increase in the number of illegal immigrants and unaccompanied minors trying to make their way into Texas.

    During the first four months of the 2015 fiscal year, U.S Border Patrol detained a total of 10,105 young children and teens, that figure shot up to 20,455 in comparison to the first four months of the 2016 fiscal year that run from October 2015 to January 2016. Of the more than 20,000 minors caught in that time period, 12,289 were arrested in the Rio Grande Valley.

    The most recent figures released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection revealed that from October to April of the current fiscal year, Border Patrol agents have apprehended 223,869 illegal immigrants including men, women and children. As the summer months continue to see an increase in smuggling attempts, forecasts point to the number of illegal immigrants caught at the border to be much higher than the 331,333 apprehensions from the entire 2015 fiscal year. Most of the apprehensions have been taking place in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in South Texas.

    According to those statistics, from October to April 2016, 32,952 of the apprehensions or less than 14 percent have been males and females under 17-years of age. The ongoing spike in the number of minors crossing illegally so far this fiscal year is almost as high as the entire number of minors arrested in 2015 when authorities arrested 39,970 minors.

    In a recent operation by Tamaulipas police officers, authorities arrested two human smugglers who had been using taxi cabs in their efforts to smuggle 10 men and one underage teenager from Guatemala. According to information provided to Breitbart Texas by the Tamaulipas government, the taxi drivers were from Reynosa and had been taking the illegal immigrants to an area known as Valadeces just south of Starr County, Texas where the group would illegally enter the country.

    One day prior to the operation, Mexican authorities busted a human stash house in Valadeces where five men from Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were waiting for their turn to be smuggled into Texas. Earlier this July, Mexican authorities raided a stash house in Reynosa where cartel members had been holding 115 illegal immigrants in preparation to get them over the Rio Grande.

    The hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants get past Mexican authorities end up presenting an ever growing challenge to U.S. Border Patrol agents. For Mexico’s Gulf Cartel and the Los Zetas cartel, human smuggling continues to be a profitable business. Breitbart Texas reported in May 2015 on how the Gulf Cartel had been able to make $38 million in a matter of months from human smuggling alone.

    Last month, Breitbart Texas reported on the concerns about the rising number of illegal immigrants being apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley. One of the areas of main concern deals with the rising number of unaccompanied children being detained by authorities.
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    Hand the minor's over into the care and custody of THEIR Embassy for deportation! Let them pay the costs. We are not the babysitter for the World and parents cannot just dump their kids over the border. Stop this BILLION dollar human trafficking ring.

    They are they responsibility of their President...not US Taxpayers.

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    The so-called border is such a bad joke on America & Americans - it is outrageous that this continues day after day, year after year. People coming from all around the globe to sneak in - we are a laughing stock as a nation that shows an ongoing disregard for the health & safety of its citizens . It is more than incompetence but an agenda to redistribute the wealth & Americans pay for it for now.

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    parents cannot just dump their kids over the border

    They do this so the ENTIRE clan can come in eventually. Sen Sessions stated not even American citizens can do that but O just decreed border kids can. 12 kids per family will 12x the numbers of poor for us to feed/school. provide health care. Then the muslim "refugees" will eventually petition for their family.

    It is beyond the notion of a "changing nation" - it is destroying the USA with the most potent destruction/takeover yet to come. Our only chance to put the brakes on this is a Pres Trump.

    400,000 times 12 = almost 5 million - not counting the 12-30 million illegals already here that hillary & ryan would amnesty within the first 100 days so they could bring their entire family too. the families average 12 kids each. You can kiss USA goodbye - sadly.
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    O is going to fly them in......

    July 29, 2016, 06:10 am
    Just before election, Obama doubles down on illegal immigrant fly-in program

    By Dale Wilcox

    In an attempt to curb the ongoing surge of Central American illegal aliens crossing over our southern border, the Obama DHS yesterday announced the dramatic expansion of a 2014 program that puts so-called “refugees” from high-crime regions onto commercial airliners and brings them here directly to live and work.

    The initial surge, first reported on over the summer of 2014 and involving mostly unaccompanied alien minors (UAM) from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, caused outrage among the American public after apprehended minors began telling border patrol agents they were lured into making the dangerous journey by Obama’s apparent promise of amnesty—Indeed, statistics show the surge starting directly after his 2012 DACA decree which granted self-described “dreamers” deportation deferrals and work permits.

    At the time, the embarrassed Obama Administration’s reaction was twofold (although neither involved actual enforcement of our immigration laws): 1) characterize the minors as “refugees” who were escaping a “surge” of drug-related violence back home; and 2) bring down the surge-figures by simply saving the minors the dangerous trip (and smuggler’s fees) and fly them here directly. It’s that strategy which Obama’s implementing again, but this time on a bigger scale.

    Just like before with its 2014 predecessor, the In-Country Refugee/Parole for Central American Minors program (or “CAM” for short), DHS’s new announcement is slathered with mentions of the “vulnerable residents” of Central America whom will be screened and interviewed by agency staff for “refugee status” before being flown in from abroad. But according to internal DHS documents recently obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), denial rates for refugee-status under the 2014 CAM program have been around 90 percent.

    This only makes sense given the actual definition of “refugee.” Under U.S. immigration law, only those who face persecution on account of “race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” can be admitted into the country as a refugee. It does not cover those fleeing from “high-crime” regions of the world like Central America. Of the thousands who’ve come here under the old CAM program, almost 9 out of 10 have been ‘paroled’ into the country under a dramatic expansion of DHS’s once dormant “humanitarian parole” authority.

    So if Obama’s DHS officials know most UAMs will get rejected from CAM under US refugee law, why are they bothering? Why not just refer to CAM as solely a parole program? It’s likely the political usefulness of the word “refugee” itself. The emotive term fulfils the crucial element of emotional blackmail which the president is always eager to employ when imposing his open-borders experiment on the American people.

    Other documents IRLI’s obtained also disrupt DHS-optics. Again, as with the 2014 CAM program, the announcement of the new expansion assures that only “lawfully-present parents” are able to “request refugee status” for their minor children (and now, following the changes, their adult children and even the “caregivers” of their children).

    But IRLI’s documents show a whopping 91 percent of CAM-applicants (that is, those already residing in the US who’ve filed an ‘Affidavit of Relationship’ with a CAM-minor) are in the country under Temporary Protected Status (TPS): a program whereby the DHS Secretary can defer deportation of those whose homelands have been plagued by war or natural disaster. To stress, these are temporarily present and otherwise removeable aliens; not exactly the “lawfully-present” individuals the American public would think of when they read DHS’s press release.

    And more fundamentally, why are temporarily present aliens bringing their kids (and now their kids’ “caregivers”) into the country in the first place? Under TPS, once the problem in their home countries subsists, they’re supposed to return home.

    Once again, we see President Obama trying to deflect the effects of a disastrous policy (i.e. DACA and its resulting UAM-surge) and then make it worse by attempting to hoodwink the public. If his latest move isn’t stopped in the courts or by Congress, the abuse and insults against the American citizenry will only continue.

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