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    Assaults On Border Patrol Agents On Rise ... 82008&ts=H

    EL PASO, Texas -- The Border Patrol said you can draw a direct correlation between how many Border Patrol agents are being attacked and the increase in security along the border.

    It was business as usual at Border Patrol Headquarters in El Paso on Sunday, but the agents worked with heavy hearts.

    "It's a tragedy, first and foremost, and we all feel that, particularly in this case where you have an agent who's from the El Paso area," said Doug Mosier with Border Patrol.

    As KFOX has reported, Border Patrol agent Luis Aguilar was killed in Yuma, Ariz. on Jan. 19, when Border Patrol officials said, he was struck by a drug smuggler's vehicle. Mosier said incidents like that show that drug smugglers and human traffickers have become desperate and that border security is working.


    Even with more agents than ever, the problem grows. I disagree with Daniel Novak who thinks the rise in incidents has to do with fewer people being able to sneak in. I believe it has more to do with lack of respect because the criminals know the Agents will be thrown in jail if they do their jobs.
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    I heard Bush say he will double border patrol, having been to the border..I know for a FACT it will take more than doubling the Agents.

    We need the Fence and an army to control illegal immigrants and terrorist crossing over.
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