3:03 pm on 25 March 2016

Today, March 25th, marks 1,000 days since Australia re-opened its detention camp for asylum seekers on Nauru.

The vast majority of those original inmates remain on the island, including those that have been declared genuine refugees.

For the past week, asylum seekers, including children, have been protesting against their continued incarceration.

The protests, which began last Sunday, the start of the Iranian new year, occupied the gates of the family compound at the Australian-run detention centre, where they have waited years for their claims to be assessed.

The campaign co-ordinator for Melbourne's Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Pamela Curr, said Australia had created an appalling situation on Nauru.

"After 1,000 days there is still 144 people including 49 children locked up in the camp - well they say it is an open camp, but they are searched both leaving and going into the camp," said Ms Curr.

"They have no money, they are only allowed to take two bottles of water and a packet of sandwiches when they leave the camp. So it is ensure that they starve them so they have to return. It is a disaster."

Asylum seekers on Nauru protest as 1,000 days pass | Radio New Zealand News