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    Austria: Afghan teenager arrested for beating a 76 year old nun

    Catholic Arena Twitter

    Austria: Afghan teenager arrested for beating a 76 year old nun

    November 5, 2020

    A 76 year old Catholic nun in the Austrian city of Graz has been brutally beaten by a 19 year old Afghan migrant. The Afghan repeatedly punched her in the face on a bus in the city, Catholic Arena Reported.
    Catholic News Agency gave the details. After a Catholic religious sister was attacked on a bus, police have arrested a 19-year-old Afghan, according to police in the Austrian state of Styria. The attack came among a spate of anti-Catholic attacks and demonstrations in Austria.
    The nun, 76, was attacked on Saturday afternoon on a bus in the Austrian city of Graz. The perpetrator hit the sister in the face and then fled.
    Police officers seized video material from the bus, after which the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter Terrorism arrested the Afghan-born teenager. The suspect, already known to the police for drug offenses and assault, has confessed to the crime; his motive is still unclear, police say.

    Catholic Arena

    Terror attack at Synagogue in Vienna. At least 1 feared dead. It comes days after police dismissed an attack by 50 Turkish members of the Grey Wolves, against a Catholic church in the city, as a 'prank', with mainstream media playing it down.

    3:01 PM · Nov 2, 2020

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    Catholic News Agency

    Police have made more arrests in connection with the killing of three people in a terror attack at a Catholic basilica in Nice.

    French police make six arrests over Nice terror attack

    French police have arrested a total of six men in their investigation into the attack on the Basilica of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption in Nice.

    11:00 AM · Nov 2, 2020
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    Already know for assault but not deported.

    Throw their nasty carcasses back out to sea.


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