April 15, 2005 Vol. 05, No. 104

Awakening the Senses
By Rich Osiol

Phoenix, AZ - Washington, as well as local governments have far too long been blind, deaf and silent when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. Just the mere thought they may have to address this issue sends them running as fast as they can, hiding in any place they can find. It's been a very successful strategy, until now.

Americans by the thousands are now finally waking up. We can now be heard shouting, "no more." There's an old saying, "let sleeping dogs lie." It now seems, the dogs lay no more. Congress can run, but can no longer hide.

We here in Arizona, recently passed Prop 200 against the wishes of our Governor, our 2 U.S. Senators, most local politicians, most major newspapers, various special interest groups, and well get the idea; basically, everyone who has a financial or political interest in the status quo. Prop 200 basically makes it law that one must prove their legal U.S. Citizenship to vote, and to collect non-Federally mandated welfare benefits. Can you even imagine having to vote to make that law?

Our governor, opposed this bill on the basis that it would make it more inconvenient to vote. Hell, maybe she's right. I know I am getting sick and tired of lugging that damn voter's card and driver's license around every where I go. What a nuisance! Why would I ever have to prove to anyone who I am? If I rent a DVD, or get pulled over by a traffic cop, why wouldn't they just believe me when I give them my name. No, instead I'm burdened by hauling out that ID.

Oh yes, they all tried their various scare tactics to frighten people to vote against this measure too. We heard of paramedics saying they didn't have time to check an accident victim's immigration status when answering an emergency call. We heard the fireman say he had no time to check on the immigration status of the owner who's house was burning down. Talk about misrepresenting the truth! Yet now, in a recent article in the Arizona Republic, Prop 200 and its advocates are blamed that these poor illegal aliens are now afraid to cooperate with police on criminal investigations. The Tucson Citizen reports mothers are afraid to seek baby formula from the WIC programs. Let's point the blame where it belongs, at those who deliberately misstated or ignored the truth, or just plain lied in their unsuccessful attempt to defeat Prop 200. I believe both the Republic and the Citizen fall into that category.

Of course, there were always the old stand-by lines like, "immigration is a Federal problem" or "this will do nothing to stop illegal immigration." How many here have heard the very convenient, "I'm against illegal immigration but this isn't the way to deal with it?" Democrats like it, minorities typically vote Democratic. Republicans love it. Their wealthy associates can hire people at much lower wages than law-abiding citizens.

However, today a bright new ray of hope shines through the dark, swirling storm clouds of illegal immigration. Arizonans and Americans are no longer numb to its effects. We've all been touched by it. We've all felt its impact. We are no longer blind. We are no longer deaf. And most importantly, we are no longer silent! We've all had enough.

I hear the Minutemen are coming! Patriots doing things the American way! The Tucson Citizen printed an editorial asking the Minutemen to stay home. May I point out that the Minutemen ARE home? It's called the United States of America. Nowhere in the editorial did the newspaper ask the illegal aliens to stay home.

I see the ACLU will be watching to make sure nobody's "rights" are violated. Unfortunately, they do not mean the rights of law-abiding American citizens "doing the job that the Government won't do," protecting their rights as property owners. The ACLU won't ask Mexico to try to stop their people from illegally entering our country. That, would be the best way to make sure the illegal aliens' "rights" aren't violated, right? I mean, who in America could violate their "rights" if they simply stayed home in Mexico? It sounds like you must commit a criminal act, like illegally crossing the border for instance, to make sure the ACLU and others are concerned about your rights.

I can smell an odor of desperation in the tactics of pro-illegal immigration groups. A local official was investigating the use of a zoning law to try to deprive the Minutemen of their right to free assembly. The Mexican Government is going to the World Court to try to tell Arizonans and Americans what laws we can pass. They are also coming to Arizona to "discuss" Prop 200 with elected officials. So that is what desperation smells like. The mayor of Phoenix recently did a quick flip-flop and changed his mind about meeting them. I bet the dozens if not hundreds of emails of protest he received may have had an influence on his change of mind. The governor also said she will not meet with them; afterall, next year is election year. Now, after all of this time and all of this ado; now she finally petitions the Federal government for the money that Arizona taxpayers pay to incarcerate illegal alien criminals. We don't' even ask for reimbursement for the police departments' costs to investigate, arrest and prosecute these that el Presidente Jorge Bush refers to as "good-hearted people."

If we continue to protest loudly, even Congress will have to listen. They need our votes. They want their jobs. They want the prestige that goes along with their positions. In the end, they want to be on the "winning side." If we keep the heat on our own Government, they will listen. We must force them to react to our demands. Afterall, we are the Government, and our elected officials work for us. We must speak. They will listen. We will be tasting victory!

Oh yeah! The sweet smell of success!