Jul 15, 12:55 AM EDT

DPS raids south Phoenix drop house

PHOENIX (AP) -- Detectives from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement raided a suspected south Phoenix drop house Monday evening.

The Illegal immigration Prevention and Apprehension Co-op Team or IIMPACT arrested two suspected human smugglers and took custody of eight undocumented immigrants.

DPS says the suspected illegal immigrants were being held in a fortified room.

The investigation began Sunday night when IIMPACT detectives received a phone call from a relative of one of the victims.

She said her loved one was one of three undocumented immigrants being held captive by smugglers who demanded $7,000 in ransom money.

The victims included two young women. They told investigators they were on their way to Kansas, New York, New Jersey and Ohio. Most had been held for two days. All were being extorted for money.

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