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    AZ GOP Wants to Send Immigration Issue to Voters

    Arizona GOP wants immigration issue to go to voters

    MESA, Ariz. An Arizona lawmaker thinks he's found a way to break the logjam in the state government standstill on illegal immigration.

    Representative Russell Pearce of Mesa is known for his fire-breathing speeches on illegal immigration. Pearce has been working for weeks with members of his own party to forge a comprehensive immigration bill they could send to Governor Janet Napolitano.

    But now Pearce is pushing to place the measure on the November ballot.

    Pearce tells the East Valley Tribune that Napolitano is the worst governor in the nation when it comes to immigration and asks why he should trust her on the issue.

    Republicans hope if the issue makes the ballot, they can get enough Republicans to the polls to unseat the popular Democratic governor and replace her with a Republican.
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    I think the immigration bill should go on the November we want to give them amnesty? Or don't we?


    I don't.

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    Who is in control?

    My concern is how many illegal, uneducated, illiterate savages have been registered to vote by their illegal alien advocates. I suspect that enough have been which could possibly tip the scale in favor of anyone sympathetic to their cause.

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    Exactly we have illegal aliens voting in our elections and that is wrong.

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    If we don't implement some kind of paper trail soon with these touch screen voting machines, illegal aliens voting will be the least of our problems.

    Anything computer based can be hacked, I think I just saw an article recently that proved it. I'll try to find it.

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    Yes they probably will be voting as our government is not checking anyones status when they register to vote, but even so, we still outnumber them and can sway the vote unless we have more liberals than conservatives. Both parties are split over this issue so if it does go to a vote it could go either way.
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    Here are just some of the articles about the Diebold touch screen voting machines, that can be hacked. Go to the link to read more.

    It's official: Diebold election bugware can't be trusted

    Thomas C. Greene | Washington | November 30, 2005

    The Register, UK - Diebold would rather lose all of its voting machine business in North Carolina than open its source code to state election officials as required by law.. North Carolina required vendors of electronic voting gizmos to place all the source code in escrow. Diebold has objected, (arguing) that their machines contain Microsoft software which they have no right to make available . . . A considerably more plausible explanation is that Diebold is using this non-problem as an excuse to keep its bugware from the prying eyes of government regulators. And the most likely reason for that is that they've got a lot of blunders to hide. If North Carolina were to reject the machines on the basis of their software, other states would undoubtedly become suspicious, and being doing their own investigations.

    New Fears of Security Risks in Electronic Voting Systems
    Monica Davey | Chicago | May 12

    NYT - With primary election dates fast approaching in many states, officials in Pennsylvania and California issued urgent directives in recent days about a potential security risk in their Diebold Election Systems touch-screen voting machines, while other states with similar equipment hurried to assess the seriousness of the problem.

    "It's the most severe security flaw ever discovered in a voting system," said Michael I. Shamos, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University who is an examiner of electronic voting systems for Pennsylvania, where the primary is to take place on Tuesday.

    Black Box Voting- This document describes several security issues with the Diebold electronic voting terminals TSx and TS6. These touch-pad terminals are widely used in US and Canadian elections and are among the most widely used touch pad voting systems in North America. Several vulnerabilities are described in this report.

    One of them, however, seems to enable a malicious person to compromise the equipment even years before actually using the exploit, possibly leaving the voting terminal incurably compromised.

    Election Whistle-Blower Stymied by Vendors

    Peter Whoriskey | Miami | March 26

    Washington Post - After Official's Criticism About Security, Three Firms Reject Bid for Voting Machines

    Among those who worry that hackers might sabotage election tallies, Ion Sancho is something of a hero.

    The maverick elections supervisor in Leon County, Fla., last year helped show that electronic voting machines from one of the major manufacturers are vulnerable, according to experts, and would allow election workers to alter vote counts without detection.

    Now, however, Sancho may be paying an unexpected price for his whistle-blowing: None of the state-approved companies here will sell him the voting machines the county needs.

    "I've essentially embarrassed the current companies for the way they do business, and now I believe I'm being singled out for punishment by the vendors," he said.

    Someone accessed 40 Palm Beach County voting machines Nov 2004

    Bev Harris | Palm Beach, FL | February 24 - The internal logs of at least 40 Sequoia touch-screen voting machines reveal that votes were time and date-stamped as cast two weeks before the election, sometimes in the middle of the night.

    Black Box Voting successfully sued former Palm Beach County (FL) Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore to get the audit records for the 2004 presidential election.

    Wisconsin requires open source voting

    WTN News | Wisconsin | 1/04/06

    WTN News - In addition to requiring that all electronic voting machines used in the state keep a verifiable paper trail as well as voting tallies even in the event of a power outage, a bill Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle signed into law today requires that "the coding for the software that is used to operate the system on election day and to tally the votes cast is publicly accessible and may be used to independently verify the accuracy and reliability of the operating and tallying procedures to be employed at any election." While not truly open source--voting software vendors will presumably retain all rights to their code--this is excellent news for verifiable elections.

    California Demands Repairs to Software for Voting Machines

    Sacramento,CA | December 25

    AP - California election officials have told one of the country's largest makers of voting machines to repair its software after problems with vote counts and verification surfaced in the state's special election in November

    Some Voting Machines Could Be Hacked
    Orlando | December 16

    WESH-TV - Voting machines used in four Central Florida counties might be flawed.

    There's new evidence that computer hackers could change election results without anyone knowing about it, an Orlando local news station reported.

    More at the link.

    New tests fuel doubts about vote machines

    Marc Caputo & Gary Fineout | Tallahassee | December 15

    Miami Herald - A top election official and computer experts say computer hackers could easily change election results, after they found numerous flaws with a state-approved voting-machine in Tallahassee.

    A political operative with hacking skills could alter the results of any election on Diebold-made voting machines -- and possibly other new voting systems in Florida -- according to the state capital's election supervisor, who said Diebold software has failed repeated tests.

    Security expert says "I am positive an eighth grader could do this."

    More from noted security expert Bruce Schneier here.

    Voting Machines Under Scrutiny

    Brian Bergstein | December 8

    WaPo - The potential perils of electronic voting systems are bedeviling state officials as a Jan. 1 deadline approaches for complying with standards for the machines' reliability.

    Across the country, officials are trying multiple methods to ensure that touch-screen voting machines can record and count votes without falling prey to software bugs, hackers, malicious insiders or other ills.

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