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    AZ: Tip from Florida Helps Bust Drop House

    Tip from Florida Helps
    Bust Drop House

    Updated: Monday, 25 May 2009, 8:21 AM MDT
    Published : Monday, 25 May 2009, 8:19 AM MDT

    GLENDALE - A tip from Florida helps valley police make a huge bust!

    More than a dozen suspected illegals were found inside a Glendale home near 73rd Avenue and Camelback against their will.

    Investigators say a family member from Florida called Immigration and Customs Enforcement and said their relative was being held against his will at the home.

    When police arrived at the house, they found 19 illegal aliens, including four human smugglers.

    Detecive Mark Lankford says "They were requesting for more money..I belive it was a little over $5,000 for ransom."

    A neighbor, Ray Daniel, said "We were sitting in our backyard enjoying the evening. All of a sudden, we have a helicopter fly overhead, the we have the SWAT team come in throwing flash grenades, it gets your attention real quick."

    A 10-year-old boy and a 17-year old were among the poeple being held. No one inside the house appeared to be injured. ... use_052509

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    Good job! Now, I have a question: is ICE going to back track on the tipster? You KNOW if they were being held up for more $ the odds are THEY are also here illegally.

    Yes, they did the right thing this time, BUT they began everything illegally ( probably). So IMO they are equally guilty, and need to be charged then deported. They broke the law (probably) in coming here, and broke it AGAIN bringing a family member across. TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT!

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