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Thread: Ben Carson says HUD will allow DACA recipients to get FHA mortgages

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    Ben Carson says HUD will allow DACA recipients to get FHA mortgages

    Under fire, Carson says HUD will allow DACA recipients to get FHA mortgages

    Ben Carson, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, told Congress on Tuesday that he supported Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival recipients being eligible for mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration.

    Carson initially denied in his testimony that DACA recipients had been banned from getting FHA loans after President Donald Trump was sworn into office in 2017, then backpedaled.

    “Do people have conversations? Yes they do,” Carson said. “And I’m sure they will continue to have those conversations. Am I privy to all their conversations? No.

    Do their conversations change the policies? Absolutely not,” he said.

    “The whole thing started as the result of a question that was asked about it, and it then came to light that maybe some rules were being violated and people decided that they better pay closer attention to the rules,” Carson told Congress.

    Carson’s comments on so-called Dreamers, as DACA recipients are known, came four days after HUD records and internal communications released as part of a Freedom of Information Act confirmed HUD changed its policy to deny FHA loans for DACA recipients even as top officials told Congress the opposite.

    Carson’s response also comes a year after an underling, HUD Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations Len Wolfson, sent a letter to Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA) stating Dreamers were not eligible for FHA mortgages.

    On Monday, over three dozen members of the Senate and House of Representatives sent a letter to the HUD Office of Inspector General asking for an investigation.

    The letter charged that top HUD officials “knowingly misrepresented to Congress the implementation and enforcement of this new policy.”

    At the end of Tuesday’s two-hour oversight hearing focused on housing regulators, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), who signed the letter, asked for extra time to return to the DACA issue.

    “HUD made a choice to exclude DACA recipients from FHA loans by defining lawful residency in a different way, in a manner to exclude them, which is made clear in the FOIA documents,” Menendez said. “So HUD did change the rules because before a DACA recipient not only was eligible but also received an FHA mortgage if they were a responsible borrower and now they cannot.”

    In the wake of a HousingWire investigation last year, several lenders reached out and said that they’ve been told by HUD representatives that DACA recipients were no longer eligible for FHA mortgages.

    In addition, HousingWire uncovered lender bulletins or guidelines from a dozen different lenders each stating that Dreamers are not eligible for FHA financing.


    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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    If the Trump administration caves to the illegal aliens on housing, etc. it would give them more legitimacy and claims to remain in the United States. We know this group has not been properly vetted (per Jeff Sessions) for crimes, including identity theft.

    The younger illegal aliens are the ones to increase birthright citizenship numbers and to vote democrat. Large numbers are part of the anti-America crowd with socialist leanings. They believe America owes them something.

    The younger illegal aliens will never accept amnesty only for themselves. All relatives here and yet to come will be demanded to be included in amnesty or else more protests and riots in our streets.

    Representatives voted by American citizens keep representing foreign citizens. Such a sad statement of fact.

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    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    No person who is not a legal U.S. citizen should be able to take ANY loans for a home.

    If they are deported who is left footing the bill for all the mortgages and loans? Millions are here illegally or do not have citizenship status.

    DACA is illegal, they should qualify for nothing but deportation and do it now. Stop kicking this can down the road, and we want NO DEAL for DACA. We want them off of our soil with their DAPA parents and their minor children.

    End birthright citizenship.

    End dual citizenship.

    No more foreigners buying up our real estate. Lease only.

    And Dr. Ben Carson needs to get the ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS out of our HUD housing and have them deported with their minor children. These parents are the guardians of their children, these parents are here illegally, get them OUT of our taxpayer funded housing now.

    We have a waiting list for legal U.S. citizens for that housing. That housing is NOT for these criminal trespassing illegal aliens. That is harboring them, and giving them incentive to come here and break our laws.

    No more IRS child tax credits! Send them back!

    When school start in session, we should NOT be enrolling illegal aliens into our taxpayer funded schools. Mandatory documentation that they are here legally or no school. We are sick of paying for this out of our tax dollars!

    Clean this mess up! Make them self deport.


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