The Beneficial Impact of Increased Enforcement
Posted in Illegal Aliens & Immigration Reforms on June 3rd, 2008 by MorningStar

As more and more illegal aliens pack up their belongings and head back to where they came from, two things are becoming very clear. The first is that increased enforcement of the existing immigration laws is an effective way to take care of the illegal alien problem plaguing this nation. Lack of enforcement created the problem which has been exacerbated by sanctuary cities in various parts of the country essentially encouraging more illegal aliens to enter the nation and break American laws. While the federal government has not greatly increased their efforts towards immigration enforcement, the relatively minor increase in the immigration enforcement effort has already had a major impact and that fact is substantiated by the increasing number of voluntary self-deportations by illegal aliens.

The second thing that is being made clear by the exodus of illegal aliens out of this country is that some of the claims made during the congressional immigration reform debate were patently false. Regardless of where they came from, the illegal aliens residing in this country were here for what they could take from the American people. They were not here to become U.S. citizens, and they did not enter this country intending to help the American people build a stronger nation. They came to the United States to get whatever they could lay claim to for themselves, and after they had their fill, they intended to leave. They are not interested in helping this country work its way through whatever current economic problems might exist because the only thing they are interested in is their own well-being and their ability to make a quick buck while avoiding apprehension. As the price of gasoline skyrockets, increased enforcement erodes their feeling of welcome, economic problems around the nation continue to mount and the going gets tough, the illegal aliens are deserting the ship like rats.

Hopefully, the federal government will continue to increase its enforcement of our immigration laws. Obviously the need for their reform was imagined and the problems associated with our existing immigration laws were more political fantasy than reality. Furthermore, as the influx of illegal aliens continues to reverse direction it will become more and more apparent that we never really needed their assistance and that we are far better off without them in the country. They came here to take advantage of our extreme generosity and our ignorance. They have all but destroyed our nation. Our schools are failing, our hospitals are struggling, our freeways and highways are completely overcrowded, our prisons are packed full with illegal aliens, and the American people are only now starting to wake up to the scourge these criminal invaders represent. We are a little less ignorant today as a result of the hard lesson that illegal aliens have taught us. We should learn from the obvious mistake we have made so we don’t have to repeat it again in the near future. If we do manage to assimilate the hard lesson learned, the trouble and hardship will have been well worth the effort.