Biden’s Middle Passage – Slaves Are Still Dying On The Way To America

The slavers still don't care...

Sam Faddis
16 hr ago

Middle Passage is a historical term. It refers to the crossing of the Atlantic by slave ships bound for the Americas. Slaves would be bought in the slave markets of West Africa, loaded onto slave ships, and confined below decks in unimaginable squalor. Chained together, unable to move, they would suffer and die by the droves. The bodies of the dead were simply dumped overboard and consigned to the deep.

That Middle Passage no longer exists. A new one does, however. It is a creation of Joe Biden, his corporate overlords, and the Mexican drug cartels – today’s new slavers.

Our southern
border no longer exists. Millions of illegal immigrants are entering the country across that now completely imaginary boundary. They are being deliberately brought here in part to change the political balance of power in this country. They are also being brought here to be America’s new slaves.

All over the country powerful economic interests demand an unending supply of labor that will work off the books, under horrific conditions and never complain. Just as King Cotton depended on the blood, sweat, and tears of black slaves for survival, so too do many businesses in food service, construction, and other fields today.

You will search in vain in Alabama for a native-born American working in a chicken processing plant. They might demand a living wage, workplace safety, and some measure of personal dignity. Better to build your business on the
backs of those who must suffer in silence.

Biden may mouth the verbiage from time to time of a social reformer. He is anything but… He is the puppet of the corporate oligarchs who believe they run this country. This cabal has now, in effect, gone into business with the Mexican drug cartels that now control the movement of illegals into this country. The drug lords in Mexico are our new slave ship captains, bringing their cargo north and oblivious to the human cost.

The recent deaths of 53 illegal aliens in a trailer in Texas shocked the nation because of the scale of the horror. There was otherwise nothing new about that event. People crossing the border illegally die horribly all the time.

On Thursday, U.S. Border Patrol agents
rescued three Honduran men who were locked inside toolboxes in the bed of a pickup. A drug-sniffing dog at a Border Patrol checkpoint on Texas Highway 65/180 alerted and caused agents to search the driver and the vehicle. They discovered toolboxes in the bed of the truck locked with padlocks. When asked for the keys the driver said he did not have them. Agents cut the locks off.

Inside the two boxes, the agents found three men. Two of them were jammed into one box with limited oxygen. None of the three had any mechanism for escape. If abandoned, they would have slowly roasted alive in the summer heat.

New York Post @nypost
Honduran migrants found crammed into tool boxes in El Paso, Texas

July 2nd 2022

“Endangering human lives by using dangerous (and) despicable smuggling tactics is the modus operandi of transnational criminal organizations. Many times smuggled migrants are locked in confined spaces with restricted oxygen,” El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez said in a statement. “I am extremely proud of the actions of our El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents as they often encounter high-risk situations, where if not for their dedication and intervention, events as these would turn into tragedies. Our Border Patrol Agents are true heroes as they display compassion and professionalism every day.”

Last year was the
deadliest on record for people trying to cross the Mexican border illegally. All told, 557 individuals drowned, died of dehydration or perished in other ways.

Commenting on the numbers, José Luis Pérez Canchola, head of Mexico’s Human Rights Academy said, “This happens all the time, it’s recurring, bodies frequently are found along the Rio Grande, in the deserts, migrants die due to heat stroke, in the mountains, it’s common for migrants to die after being bitten by rattlesnakes.”

Border Patrol numbers show that the deaths in 2021 (557 deaths) were a dramatic increase over previous years up from 254 deaths in 2020 and 300 in 2019.

Keep in mind that these are the deaths that U.S. authorities know about and also that they are only the deaths that occur on U.S. soil. Nobody has any clear idea how many more hundreds if not thousands of illegals die on their way north from Panama and across Central America before they ever reach the border.

Studio Canek

"Even little children die there. You see them. You see their skeletons." Listen to stories from African and Asian migrants crossing the Darien Gap to reach Mexico. An interactive map from @StudioCanek #mexico

November 9th 2021

Illegals are not dying at the border by accident or because we cannot prevent this disaster. They are dying as the result of deliberate policy decisions made by this administration. Those policies are intended to guarantee a supply of cheap labor that can be abused and exploited without concern for any legal ramifications. These corporations need slaves, and Joe is making sure they get them.
The human cost is immaterial. A dead slave in the Middle Passage two hundred years ago was tossed to the sharks. A dead slave today is left to rot and feed the coyotes. Slaves are still dying on their way to America, and the slavers still don’t care.

Biden’s Middle Passage – Slaves Are Still Dying On The Way To America (