Biden ICE Now Allowing Pregnant Women and Women Nursing Babies to Stay in the US – Where Are They Going?

July 10, 2021

Joe Hoft

According to Biden’s new rules on immigration, pregnant women and women nursing children will no longer be detained pregnant women for deportation.

On Friday a new policy was announced that ICE will no longer detain most pregnant, nursing, and postpartum women for deportation. The list of those exempt from deportation proceedings is growing.

Hotair reports:

During the Trump administration, thousands of pregnant women were held in detention centers along with others who were detained at the border. The statement from ICE includes some mumbo jumbo about infant development and parental bonding. These are words to humanize illegal entries into the United States….

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…In other words, this is the Biden administration moving further to open border policies. By releasing these women as they are detained at the southern border, Biden is broadening catch and release policies. The statement by ICE claims that the new and expanded directive “complements ICE’s national detention standards, family residential standards and ICE Health Service Corps (IHSC) policies.” The Biden administration is also taking advantage of the 14th Amendment – babies born in the United States are granted full benefits of citizenship.

According to ICE:

The problem of pregnant women arriving on the southern border is relatively a small one. As of Thursday, only 13 pregnant women were in ICE custody and they were being considered for release under the new policy.

This report from ICE doesn’t match with what we reported in April where a line of pregnant women were loaded on a bus to nowhere.
Where are the pregnant women going?