Bill Melugin: CBP Sources Say Illegal Border Crossings Rising to 6,400 in Two Days, With Most in San Diego Sector — 1,500 Illegal Crossings Two Days in a Row

By David Greyson
Apr. 20, 2024 2:45 pm

Image courtesy of Jeff Rainforth

Joe Biden’s America.

The numbers don’t lie. Even with the false narrative of the mainstream media, the border is still a mess. The Biden regime has shown for the last 3 years that they have no intention of locking down the border.

CBP sources show that this past week there were over 6,400 encounters with illegal aliens at the border for two days in a row. Before that increase, the numbers were in the 4 to 5 thousand range. Although it is a limited sample, it still is an indication that things are not improving.

Texas has seen a decrease, while a good majority of these illegal aliens are crossing in the San Diego sector.

The statistics show about 1,500 illegal crossings 2 days in a row in just that sector!

Bill Melugin

NEW: Border numbers slowly ticking back up, CBP sources tell me the last two days in a row both had over 6,400 encounters after weeks of encounters mostly in the 4,000s & 5,000s.Not a large enough sample size to confirm a trend, but watching it.

TX numbers remain low. San Diego…

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11:45 AM · Apr 19, 2024

Since Texas has taken action to lock down their border, a lot of illegals have been entering through San Diego.

There has also been an increase of
Chinese illegals crossing the border.

In February, Fox News reporter
Griff Jenkins was at the border in the San Diego sector. He interviewed a Chinese Illegal who was here to “take the money.”

Griff Jenkins pressed him: “Ok, why did you come?”

“Umm, to take the money,” the illegal replied.

“Money? For job? There’s no job in China?” Griff Jenkins asked the illegal.


Griff Jenkins

NEW: This Chinese migrant tells me why he illegally crossed into the U.S. in Jacumba, CA - to “take the money” adding he wants a job @FoxNews

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8:56 PM · Feb 16, 2024

According to Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens, there have been illegals from over 160 countries that have entered the US this past fiscal year.

“Every country and every region has smugglers that try to facilitate a pipeline for them to get to where they are going and they are connected with one another. If they are coming from Europe or coming from Asia they will find ways to get to maybe South America and from South America then they may make their way up to the Darien Gap and make their way to Central America and ultimately find their way to decision points that take them to different points along our borders,” Chief Owens said last month.


Mario Nawfal



"So far, this fiscal year alone, we have had people from 160 or more come across our border illegally."

Source: Face The Nation

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12:43 PM · Mar 24, 2024

An estimated 10 to 12 million illegals have crossed the border since January 2021.

That number equals about the population of 41 individual states.