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    Biometric Data Could End the Use of Stolen Identities ... e=10185865

    Capturing Biometric Data Could End the Use of Stolen Identities for Employee Verification Purposes
    Dec 13 2006, 7:00 AM EST


    Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of high-quality interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions, urges the addition of biometric data to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Basic Pilot Program to end illegal employment obtained through the use of stolen identities of U.S. citizens. Yesterday's DHS raids on Swift & Co. meat-processing plants in six states resulted in the arrest of hundreds of employees who used the stolen identities and Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to obtain employment, which could have been prevented had biometric checks been a part of the program.

    Swift & Co. had been utilizing the DHS Basic Pilot Program to verify employment eligibility and immigration status against Social Security and Homeland Security databases. The Basic Pilot Program has a significant loophole, however, as it solely verifies biographic information such as name, date and place of birth, Social Security number and alien registration number to confirm identity and immigration status, rather than a combination of biographic and biometric data. By using biographic checks alone, undocumented workers can present valid, stolen information from U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to gain employment. This type of fraud will continue to escalate surrounding DHS' heightened worksite enforcement efforts unless another mechanism is introduced.

    "The only way to close the loophole in establishing employment eligibility with stolen identities is to introduce biometrics to the employee verification process," said James W. Ziglar, president and chief executive officer of Cross Match and former commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. "Connecting identification to a biometric, such as a fingerprint, would provide the most accurate form of verification available, and virtually eliminate the use of fake or stolen identification to obtain employment."

    As security becomes an increasing concern globally, biometric applications are emerging as the industry standard for protecting people, their property and their identity.

    About Cross Match Technologies

    Cross Match Technologies Inc. is a leading global provider of high-quality interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions. The company's offerings consist of a range of products, which are used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to establish and verify their identity, such as fingerprint and palm scan devices, document readers and access control systems, proprietary enterprise and application software, and services. Cross Match's products are used to conduct criminal bookings, perform background checks for job applicants, verify identities at borders and other checkpoints, register citizens for driver's license and national identification programs, prevent identity fraud in large-scale government and civil identification programs, and control access to office buildings, government facilities and other secure areas. Serving a broad range of vertical markets including national and US federal government, state and local government, law enforcement, transportation, financial services, education, healthcare and commercial, Cross Match has more than 5,000 customers worldwide, with application and solution installations in more than 50 countries.

    More information on Cross Match can be accessed via the company website at

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    Well we knew this was coming!
    We are NOT a nation of immigrants!

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    Maybe the raids are part of a sqeeze play for the biometric ID.
    I have to admit, I am suspicious of DHS opertions. It seems they don't do anything unless there is and underlying motive.
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