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April 19, 2006
Blacks Oppose Illegal Immigration
The U.S. media’s obvious pro-illegal immigration coverage has thus far potrayed anti-immigration advocates as white and racist while ignoring an important fact—most African Americans are also strongly opposed to legalizing immigrants who have taken many of their jobs.

Poll after poll has revealed that most blacks do not support illegal immigration yet the mainstream media has repeatedly distorted the facts. A perfect example is an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle that says most blacks support illegal immigrants and proposals to offer them work permits and a path to citizenship.

According to numerous reliable polls and black media outlets, this simply is not the case. A recent study conducted by the independent Pew Research Center revealed that nearly a quarter of black respondents said they had personally lost a job to an immigrant or knew someone who had. The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black think tank, said that nearly half of the respondents in its survey felt illegal immigration was a major problem and more than half said the country could not afford more illegal immigrants. Also, more than half of those surveyed said that illegal immigration had led to the loss of too many lower-paying jobs.

Additionally, the black news service, New America Media published an article that would never make the local newspaper or a nationally renowned one at that. It tells how a “spirited” group of black activists marched in front of the Los Angeles office of outspoken black Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), protesting her firm support of citizenship for illegal immigrants and claiming that the overwhelming majority of blacks oppose illegal immigration. The story goes on to say that the angry group denounced black leaders such as Waters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for selling out black interests by backing immigration reform.

The National Review does a great job pointing out the hypocrisy of it all in an article that says:
"Certain individuals for whom even the most speculative harm to minorities is a trigger for robotic demagoguery also have been peculiarly silent about the possible effects of illegal immigration on the underclass."