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    Bob Goodlatte: Immigration Reform 'Increasingly Unlikely' This Congress

    by Caroline May 18 Jun 2014, 1:26 PM PDT

    America’s immigration system is inadequate but unlikely to be fixed this Congress because of President Obama’s failure to enforce current law, according to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

    “Our immigration system is broken because our current laws are inadequate to address the continuing influx of illegal immigration, and we have a President determined to ignore the laws we do have,” Goodlatte told Breitbart News Wednesday.

    According to Goodlatte, despite the current problems in the system, the President’s failure to enforce current laws makes the prospect of passing immigration reform this Congress that much more unlikely.

    “President Obama’s continued failure to enforce our immigration laws has made it increasingly unlikely that immigration reform will move this Congress, because the American people don’t trust that he would enforce the law,” he said.

    Goodlatte made headlines earlier this week when he told Juan Williams in an interview for Fox News Latino that he was ready to “move now” on immigration reform.

    "And I'm ready to move now. I'm ready to move after the election. I'm ready to move in the next Congress," Goodlatte, who has committed to moving immigration reform forward in a piecemeal fashion, told Williams.

    According to the Virginia Republican, the current immigration system is inadequate and should be fixed, but any fixes should begin with enforcement.

    “We must have increased border security; enhanced enforcement which can bypass the whims of this President, or any President who does not want to enforce our laws; and the support of a large majority of House Republicans,” he said.
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    Two powers that are charged with checks and balance over the exxecutime branch, and he suggests that we don't trust Obama. Now he must tell, scratch that, show me action (other than rhetoric) that I should trust him!

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