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    Border agents respond to 911 calls from exhausted immigrants

    Posted: 6:22 PM
    Last Updated: 22 minutes ago
    By: Navideh Forghani

    TUCSON, AZ - Border Agents are wearing two hats while protecting the U.S. border.

    In addition to their regular duties of looking out for drug smugglers and illegal immigrants, some are also acting as first responders, rescuing those who can't take the harsh desert climate.

    There are 50 agents who are a part of BORSTAR (The Border Patrol, Search, Trauma, and Rescue unit). While more than 200 agents have the skills needed to provide basic medical care, BORSTAR agents volunteer to respond to 911 calls that come in from illegal immigrants for help.

    "We are like their guardian angels. They are so happy to see us because they know if they didn't make that call for help, they probably would have died out in the desert," said Jose Molina.

    They examine the immigrants to make sure they are hydrated and their vitals are normal. Over the past two months, the number of calls agents have responded to have doubled. Border Patrol agents tell ABC15 they usually see an increase in the summer months, but another contributing factor to the number of calls is more immigrants are carrying cell phones.

    "Many of them put themselves in a situation where it is too late to turn around. They can't carry enough water to last the five day trip across the desert so they end up calling," said Molina.

    The search and rescue efforts do not take away from patrolling the border and searching the desert for illegal immigrants. The BORSTAR responsibilities are in addition to their regular duties.

    Homeland Security is not releasing the cost of each rescue.

    Border agents respond to 911 calls from exhausted immigrants
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    well they should have stay the hell home no one told them to come over I don't feel sorry for any of them
    No Amnesty or Dream

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