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    Border Control vs Texas Corridor Toll

    Seems American people are in more trouble than they Really know.
    We're caught still responding to foolish accusations of Racism when
    we criticise illegal-immigrants when some americans are just beginning
    to understand that USA is being overtaken, overran and bankruptedand social structure is being controlled by illegals.

    And now this twelve lane SECRET Toll Texas Corridor being planned to be built by US Government and Spain, being kept secret and plan to usse Eminent Domain to
    get Texas Land. Where are the Texans and the statements by Geo Bush and Canadian leaders? If there is going to be use of this corridor from
    Mexico thru Us to Canada for open commerce, from China and Mexican goods (who will pay lots of money for tolls to use these Corridors) and goods from all over the world coming in USA, what is the use
    for Border Control. Perhaps this is reason Bush is lax on Border Patrol.
    He's got bigger plans that make moot Border Patrol.

    It appears that government plans to flood USA with goods which they are
    to buy from Mexico, China ad infinitum with nothing for US Citizens to return. So, whose Standard of Living is going to suffer?? Certainly not the Mexicans and Chinese.

    Please correct me if I am on the wrong track. And now our own Border Patrol arrested with out defense?? How long weill US citizens allow this. Perhaps recovery will take llonger than most of believe. This has nothing to do with being Republican does it?? or maybe it's make a buck whether
    it is good for US or not even if it takes us down the river in a canoe without a paddle or Collateral losses are inevitable, even if it's you and generations of your family's hard efforts.

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    Hello Roberta2,

    It is that bad! We've got a lot of fires to put out in Texas right now. You forgot to mention the governors race.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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