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    Border-crossing deaths on the decline

    Border-crossing deaths on the decline
    by Sean Holstege - Jul. 18, 2008 12:00 AM
    The Arizona Republic
    Fewer people are dying while trying to sneak across the U.S.-Mexican border, new Border Patrol figures show.

    In the nine months that ended June 30, the Border Patrol reported that 256 illegal immigrants died along the border, including 113 in Arizona. That marks the lowest death-toll pace on the entire border since the 2004-05 fiscal year.

    The statistics bolster what people on both sides of the immigration debate have been saying: Improved security and stricter enforcement, along with a deteriorating U.S. economy and more violent "coyotes," have caused fewer immigrants to attempt the crossing.
    University of California-San Diego researchers say illegal migrants are staying in the U.S. longer rather than crossing back and forth each year.

    The decline in deaths was notable in the Tucson sector, where most immigrants cross and most deaths occur. Agents there reported a 14 percent decrease this year, the first drop in at least four years.

    The record year for deaths in Arizona was 2004-05, when 494 immigrants died, the Border Patrol said.

    Humanitarian groups and congressional auditors say official statistics underreport the problem. Independent figures aren't available, but Tucson-based Humane Borders agreed that fewer illegal crossers are dying on the Arizona border. ... s0717.html
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