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    BORDER INVASION! Over 2,000 Illegals Captured at Joe Biden’s Open Border at Rio Grand

    BORDER INVASION! Over 2,000 Illegals Captured at Joe Biden’s Open Border at Rio Grande Sector on Thursday — IN ONE DAY!

    By Jim Hoft
    Published March 20, 2021 at 1:15pm

    Earlier today
    we posted a report from a trusted source on the border on the enormous number of illegal aliens who were arrested at our US southern border this week.

    Rio Grande Valley (RGV): 2,307 apps.
    135,453 FY21
    195% increase vs FY20

    Del Río: 690 apps.
    61,834 FY21
    271% increase vs FY20

    El Paso: 680 apps.
    64,769 FY21
    143% increase vs FY20

    Laredo: 380 apps.
    50,937 FY21
    131% increase vs FY20

    Tucson: 615 apps.
    73,375 FY21
    110% increase vs FY20

    Ever since Joe Biden opened the border on Inauguration Day illegal aliens have been flooding the border.

    And Joe Biden and Democrats are doing nothing to stop this national emergency.

    This is what you call a border crisis.

    But it’s worse than that.

    On Thursday alone over 2,000 illegals were captured at the Rio Grande sector of Joe Biden’s open border with Mexico.

    This is beyond a crisis – This is an invasion!

    Via trusted source on the border.

    Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings


    RGV agents remained busy on Thursday, apprehending over 2000 illegal aliens. Thursday's encounters pushed RGV's weekly total over 10K apprehensions! March monthly totals are now over 34K for
    #RGV Sector alone.#crossingyourborders

    7:53 PM · Mar 19, 2021

    This is insanity that only a Democrat or Anti-American communist could love.

    Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings

    No end in sight as large groups continue entering in the
    #RGV. In 48 hrs, agents arrested 369 illegal aliens mainly consisting of family members and UACs in 4 separate groups. This year, agents have encountered 19 groups of 100 or more people illegally entering the US.

    9:07 PM · Mar 17, 2021

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