Border Patrol Agent Praises Trump's Wall Visit, Calls Sanctuary Cities a 'Dangerous Thing'

March 14, 2018

(video may be viewed at the source link)

A U.S. Border Patrol agent who attended President Donald Trump's review of wall prototypes said the president's presence alone was highly valued among him and his fellow agents.

Terence Shigg, who is also the president of the San Diego chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, praised Trump for taking time to see the environment agents work in.

"I think for our guys, the fact that he was there...he really didn't even have to say anything," Shigg said on "Fox and Friends."

He added, "A lot of the points that he touched on as far as building the wall and building the infrastructure that we need to do our job safely and to protect the public, that's what our guys really enjoyed hearing."

Shigg said it is "easy to prove" that walls are effective, pointing out that the San Diego border is already protected by a barrier.

"You can look at the businesses and homes that have sprouted up, the crime rate has gone down," he said.

Shigg also addressed the state's sanctuary state status, saying "it's a dangerous thing for the community, a dangerous thing for the law enforcement officers because that just gives the criminal element more of a reason to come to California."