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    Border Patrol Agents Make Change To Save More Illegals Lives

    Border Patrol Agents Make Changes To Save More Illegals Lives

    updated 25 minutes ago
    CORPUS CHRISTI - Border Patrol agents said 10 illegal immigrants have died in the Coastal Bend since October by crossing the border illegally.

    Those deaths are more than all the deaths in the area from last year.

    On Wednesday, the Border Patrol unveiled a hi-tech device that will be placed along smuggling routes to help save lives.

    Human trafficking is dangerous, especially during the intense heat of the summer.

    "We have seen a lot of deaths already this year in our sector," Border Patrol Daniel Doty said.

    However, now there is a beacon of hope for anyone, particularly illegals, who end up lost or in serious trouble.

    "Press the button and it sends a signal to the dispatch and the nearest border patrol agents will be sent to render assistance," Doty said.

    The 30-foot device is powered by solar panels and transmits specific GPS coordinates to the nearest Border Patrol agents who can arrive in half an hour or less.

    Agents said the beacon is already saving lives in Arizona.

    "We have them on well-traveled trails. If that trail is no longer being utilized, we can move these beacons where they will do the most good," Doty explained.

    The beacons will be placed near Falfurrias in the King Ranch area. The first beacon will be north of Highway 77, the second beacon will be north of Las Viobras Road. Also, the lifesaving directions are clearly displayed in English, Spanish and Chinese.

    "The goal is to save lives and we have a saying, we don't want any unnecessary deaths in the Valley or along the border. We want to prevent death," Doty said.

    Online Reporter: Lauren Williamson
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    On Wednesday, the Border Patrol unveiled a hi-tech device that will be placed along smuggling routes to help save lives.
    WHAT? If these are known smuggling routes, why the pudding aren't they stopped? Talk about a stupid message, this makes absolutely no sense.
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