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    Border Patrol agents shot at in La Paloma

    LA PALOMA — Two U.S. Border Patrol agents were shot at as they arrested a group of suspected illegal immigrants earlier this week.

    The agents were arresting eight illegal immigrants late Wednesday night when two shots were fired, said Agent John Lopez, the local Border Patrol spokesman. The agents saw two figures running from the direction of the gunshots. The agents pursued after confirming the safety of the detainees, Lopez said.

    The agents uncovered another five illegal immigrants and 63 pounds of marijuana in the brush along the Rio Grande while searching for the two persons, Lopez said.

    No agents or detainees were injured during the incident. The Border Patrol would not release the agents' names.

    Agents suspect the shooters swam to Mexico, Lopez said.

    Agents arrested a total of 13 illegal immigrants, Lopez said. None of them could identify the shooters.

    "This just shows the increased violence that has been taking place on the border," Lopez said. "This is what our agents have to deal with on a daily basis." ... order.html

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    Its a freakin War Zone and we still dont have troops down there? WTFX!!!

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