20 Dec 2016
Boulevard, CA

Border Patrol agents in southern California stopped three vehicles carrying “human contraband.”

Agents assigned to the San Diego Sector intercepted a human smuggling convoy near Boulevard, California, Thursday night. The three vehicles were loaded with “human contraband” according to information obtained from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials by Breitbart Texas Monday evening.

The Boulevard Station agents used a “vehicle immobilization device” to stop the lead vehicle. The driver of the white Toyota Sequoia stopped, but the other two vehicles fled from the scene. After a short pursuit where the other two drivers attempted to return to Mexico, Border Patrol agents were able to safely stop the fleeing vehicles.

Boulevard is located just north of the Mexican border about 65 miles east of San Diego. It is located on Interstate 8, a route known for smuggling operations.

The agents seized the three vehicles. The agents also apprehended a total of 25 people from the three vehicles. Five additional people successfully evaded the agents and absconded back to Mexico. The drivers could face possible prosecution on charges related to human smuggling.

CBP officials referred to the shipment of “human contraband” as a “triple incursion” across the Mexican border near Boulevard.

Human smuggling has become a major cash operation for the Mexican cartels. Officials stated the arrest of the 25 illegal aliens caused the smuggling operation to lose an estimated $150,000 in illicit proceeds. This equates to about $6,000 per smuggled person.

Frequently the smugglers use older model vehicles. They will often strip out the interior seats of the vehicle and stack the smuggled aliens inside the vehicle like firewood. This creates a very dangerous situation if the smuggling vehicle becomes involved in a high speed pursuit or is involved in a major vehicle crash.

Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles reported on one such incident that occurred south of the Mexican border with Texas. A van packed with 26 illegal immigrants was involved in a roll over crash. The vehicle was being escorted by armed cartel members when the driver lost control on a curve and rolled multiple times. The escort vehicle took the driver and fled from the scene, abandoning the injured illegal immigrants. Four women and one man died at the scene before medical responders were able to arrive. Officials reported that at least five young children were injured in the crash as well.