Web Producer: Amber Sumpter

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – Eight immigrants from Mexico illegally present in the United
States with dangerous criminal histories have been arrested over the weekend by Border Patrol agents from the Tucson Sector.

On Friday, agents arrested a Mexican male previously detained in California for child cruelty. Agents found two Sureño gang members illegally in the U.S. with previous arrests for forgery and arson and battery with bodily harm. The three men are facing federal charges.

Then on Saturday, a Mexican national faces prosecution upon entering the United States illegally with a criminal history of domestic violence and burglary.

Sunday, agents take into custody two Mexican nationals. One was convicted earlier for driving under the influence and arrested for kidnapping on ransom/hostage charges. The second man had been arrested for sexual assault, burglary and domestic assault.

Two more men are facing prosecution, one of the men from Mexico admitted to having affiliations with the Sureño 13 gang. Records revealed, the other man, an El Salvadorian has an active warrant from 1999 issued by the Division of Parole in Albany, NY, for a parole violation-felony robbery charge.

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