Border Patrol Busts More Than a Dozen Previously Deported Violent Felons

by Top Right News on February 12, 2014 in

byJohn Urban | Top Right News

It was a remarkable — and disturbing — catch. Not fruit-pickers. Not landscapers. Not roofers or housekeepers. Not “hard-working immigrants” performing “an entrepreneurial act” by crossing the border, as elitist tool George Will described illegal aliens to Laura Ingraham this past Sunday.

Not quite.

In just three days last month, Border Patrol agents in the Tucson sector recently re-arrested more than a dozen convicted felons, including two MS-13 gang members, most of whom were not supposed to be in the United States, officials said.

A majority of the felons were sex offenders convicted of crimes against children: sex with a minor under age 3, forcible touching, and rape of a minor child. Some of the felons were associated with the international MS-13 gang, according to a news release. Another was previously convicted of 1st degree manslaughter.

The thirteen, from Mexico, El Salvador and Jamaica were previously charged, convicted and removed from the U.S. During one week last month, however, these criminals were apprehended for illegally re-entering the country or smuggling.

And remember this stat well: For every illegal alien caught, the US Border Patrol estimates that they miss FOUR. Sex predator monsters like these are coming in at a very alarming rate.

But don’t tell that to the Washington elites. They might just call you a “xenophobe“.

Come on, George Will, please tell us how these “immigrants” are just trying to “make a better life” for “themselves and their families”. Tell us how if only they were granted amnesty they would start the next Google or Amazon.

Come on, George and show us just how shamefully out of touch — and out of your minds — you elites are when it comes to illegal immigration.