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    Border Patrol can't patrol - Banned from Federal lands

    Posted: 9:56 a.m. Saturday, July 13, 2013
    By Bert Williams

    In the ongoing debate over immigration reform President Obama supports adding 20,000 more border patrol agents to police the border.

    But Congressman Markwayne Mullin says there are other problems that need to be addressed first.

    Mullin says there are large areas of Federal lands on the US border that Border Patrol agents are not allowed to patrol.

    According to Mullin large numbers of illegals can be monitored in fly-over surveillance as they cross these Federal lands.

    But agents are not allowed to appprehend them until they pass out of the Federal land areas.

    Mullin says that interagency non-cooperation and lack of communication between Federal offices hinder the protection of our borders.

    According to Mullin if these issues are not addressed first, adding more agents won't help much.
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