Last month, Independent Minuteman, Ken Lester was honored by the U.S. Border Patrol !!!

You will recall from the California Minuteman effort at Campo, California in July 2005, Ken had
the big camo painted truck , named "Godzilla".

He later bought another truck of the same type, and it is known as "Big Foot" or
as the BP says, "The Red Rhino" !

-------- BORDER PATROL PRESENTED KEN LESTER WITH A COMMENDATION --------------------------------

Ken was asked "to report" to the BP Imperial Beach HQ a few weeks ago. He joked, " are you going to hand cuff me when I get there ?"

When there, in front of the entire assembled night shift of a large number of BP Agents, BP leadership presented Ken with a plaque " thanking him for his service" !

In the presentation, they said "Ken knows as much about this area of the border as many of the agents do, and has been very professional in his actions and very effective."

To be able to give this award to him, approval at the highest levels of the Border Patrol had to be given. -- (Washington D.C.) !

It is needless to say, Ken is very humble and resists anything that sounds like egotism.

I am not bound by that, and feel heroes must be recognized to serve as encouragement and an example to others.

We are absolutely delighted Ken has been officially recognized.

Heaven knows, as many others, he has worked tirelessly, at developing border Intel and then with great skill and stealth, patiently observing, then reporting quite a number of illegals, leading to successful BP apprehensions.

A force multiplier, by adding more eyes, ears and quiet skill,- to support our outstanding U.S. Border Patrol.

We both agreed, there are many other unsung and un-recognized heroes in this "stop the invaders" effort.

All of you folks command our highest respect, because you have taken personal responsibility for lawfully, securing American right where you stand---


Presented To


In appreciation for your
dedicated support in securing
Americas border.

Thank you for your vigilance


Sept. 4, 2008