Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Border Patrol seizes millions worth of drugs

Border Patrol agents made a bust at a checkpoint on Highway 86 south of the Salton Sea yesterday. Inside they found more than 32 bundles of drugs.

It turned out to be one 3 lbs bundle of cocaine, valued at $83,000, and 31 bundles of crystal methamphetamine, valued at more than 1.3 million dollars.

It was found inside a Nissan Maxima driven by a citizen from Mexico with a valid visa. She's being held tonight in Imperial County.

This bust brings the seizure totals this year to 11,000 lbs of marijuana, valued at 8.7 million dollars, 132 lbs of methamphetamine, valued at 4.3 million dollars, and 214 lbs of cocaine, valued at more than 6 million dollars.