Border Patrol to Send More Agents to the Valley
Posted: Mar 21, 2014 3:48 PM

WESLACO - Border Patrol officials say more agents will be deployed to the Rio Grande Valley region after a surge in apprehensions.

The agents will be in the Valley on a temporary basis, officials said.

Border Patrol officials said the RGV sector continues to lead the southwest border in terms of apprehensions. More than 70 percent of those arrested were from countries other than Mexico.

Border Patrol officials released a statement about the temporary reassignments.

"(The) RGV Sector continues to lead the southwest border (in) terms of apprehensions. From 10-1-13 to date, immigrants from countries other than Mexico account for 72 percent of the total arrests. The Rio Grande Valley sector is part of the South Texas Campaign, and is leveraging all resources within its corridor including Del Rio and Laredo. Some agents have been temporarily reassigned to RGV from other sectors for additional support in light of the volume of activity. Due to the time required to process other-than-Mexican nationals, detainees are also being transported to Del Rio and Laredo Sectors to assist in the processing and removal procedures," the statement said.

Approximately 420,000 illegal immigrants were detained in the United States in 2013. More than half of those arrests happened in Texas.