Title should read "National Guard Shares Story." Oh well.


Border Patrol Shares Story

March 15,2007
About 200 Tennessee National Guardsmen are home after three weeks of training on the Mexican border. The 117th Military Police Battalion out of Murfreesboro, Athens and Cleveland got back home last weekend.
Tonight, NewsChannel 9 talked to the members from a company in Cleveland about helping patrol the border. They say U-S Border Control needs the assistance.

One soldier says, "At one of my points, I could see Mexican people watching us. But in the middle of the night, they could come over and notice you. You wouldn't believe the numbers that would turn around and go back." Another said, "We didn't want to be camouflaged. We wanted to be seen."

The National Guardsmen provided 24-hour patrol on the border. A guard spokesman says the soldiers go through training once a year.

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