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    BP claims 55 gang members arrested since mid-July

    BP claims 55 gang members arrested since mid-July

    By César Rodriguez, / Laredo Morning Times
    Updated 1:36 pm CDT, Saturday, August 17, 2019

    Photo: Courtesy Of The U.S. Border Patrol, File

    U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Hebbronville encountered this wanted 18th Street gang member on June 28.

    Through mid-July, U.S. Border Patrol agents have arrested 55 criminal gang members in the Laredo Sector, according to fiscal year numbers.

    “The majority of these individuals have criminal history. (They) are coming here to the United States. We’re very fortunate when we are able to arrest them,” said Jose Martinez, assistant chief of the Laredo Sector Border Patrol. “We know what we’ve caught so far, but what’s scary is we don’t know how many we missed.”

    All people apprehended by Border Patrol undergo criminal history checks through multiple databases, including the use of biometrics to ensure those with criminal history are positively identified regardless of their immigration status.

    “They pose a tremendous threat because we have no idea who these individuals are,” Martinez said. “We have no idea what they are coming here to do. If we don’t apprehend these individuals, they pose a serious threat to the citizens of the United States. It’s critical that we identify these individuals and apprehend them.”

    READ MORE: A teen walked out with a $2 beer. The store clerk shot him to death.

    Laredo Sector agents often encounter gang members from 18th Street, Mexican Mafia, MS-13, Paisas and Texas Syndicate.

    A Texas Department of Public Safety gang threat assessment states that gang members in the DPS South Texas Region that includes Laredo are typically involved in assault, homicide, human trafficking, robbery and sexual assault.

    Martinez said there are times when gang members are apprehended as part of the group being smuggled. On other occasions, gang members are the ones smuggling immigrants.

    There are gang members who participate in smuggling immigrants or narcotics. Then, there are those who were deported from further north and are trying to get back to their family, Martinez said.

    Authorities said gangs have a nexus to Mexican cartels.

    “Gangs in Texas continue to work closely with the Mexican cartels. Gangs provide direct support to cartel drug and human smuggling operations into and throughout Texas and the nation,” according to DPS. “Cartels also utilize gang members to procure and move weapons and money to Mexico, and sometimes to commit violent crimes on both sides of the border.”

    Laredo Sector has identified the transnational criminal organization Cartel Del Noreste as the one responsible for the illicit activity in this region.

    “They are the ones who are largely responsible for a lot of the smuggling, a lot of the smugglers, a lot of the (immigrants) and narcotics coming into the country,” Martinez said.

    READ MORE: Three arrested, narcotics & gun seized as LPD conducts drug raids in central Laredo

    DPS said that to mitigate losses during drug and human smuggling, cartels rely on networks of scouts to conduct surveillance on law enforcement. Within South Texas, law enforcement has encountered gang members performing scouting duties for smuggling organizations, state police said.

    “As Mexican cartels fight to maintain or increase their share of the lucrative drug and human smuggling markets, Texas-based gangs will very likely continue to play an essential role in supporting cartel operations on both sides of the border,” DPS said. “The cartels will likely seek to expand their existing networks in Texas by leveraging their relationships with gangs. We expect the relationships between individual gangs and cartels to remain fluid, and possibly adapt and evolve in response to the changing cartel landscape in Mexico.”

    Martinez said people can report suspicious activity at 1-800-343-1994 or use the Border Patrol app. Callers will remain anonymous.

    “I want to thank the community for continuing to support the U.S. Border Patrol,” Martinez said.

    “Everything we do day in and day out in Laredo. We cannot do their job without their support. We urge the community to report any suspicious activity to us. We’ll take appropriate action.”


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