14 Jun 2014, 5:51 PM

Over the last eight days, Breitbart Texas bureau chief Brandon Darby has ignited a national firestorm with the release of his photos of illegal immigrant children arriving from Central America, who, since crossing the U.S. South Western border, have been warehoused by U.S. border patrol agents.

Darby appeared on Breitbart News Saturday to talk about these events with Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alexander Marlow, host of the radio program, which is broadcast every Saturday on Sirius XM Patriot Radio from 10-1 p.m. ET on channel 125.

Darby asserted that since 2009, the year after President Obama came into office, there has been an increasing number of illegal immigrants–unaccompanied by adults–coming into the county. He said that “by October of last year, the numbers have shot up by 90%, increasing illegal crossings of minors in that period of time to 50-60,000 through mostly South Texas, which the border patrol calls the Rio Grande Valley sector.”

Darby contends that the reason the children are leaving their home country is that “they know they will not be turned away and that they will be provided for.” Although other outlets attempted to do stories about the invasion, such as the New York Times and NPR, they never really caught on. What Breitbart Texas did was “obtain 40 internal federal government photos showing the conditions of what exactly the government did with these children.” The images that were released forced everyone on the left and the right to report on the story.

The photos revealed mostly children “under the age of ten, little boys and little girls, without adults, crammed into very crowded holding cells.” Further, the photos show the children sleeping on the floor side by side–not having enough room to stretch out their entire bodies.

Darby said that Breitbart Texas has hired two attorneys to look into the Obama administration and how it is handling border developments. The lawyers are examining the legality of transporting the illegal immigrants to other states, as well as of their detention in Texas.

Moreover, Breitbart will be a ”watchdog” to see that the Obama administration does not hide information from the public and will report on public corruption. Darby said that Breitbart Texas welcomes the public to share any leads or information.

Notably, the Breitbart Texas editor stated that the Obama administration has devised a plan to continuously shift holding areas for the children to avoid state or local Child Protective Services coming in to investigate them. So long as the children are housed on federal property such as military bases, the government can avoid scrutiny.

Darby considers the entire ordeal to be “a shocking and horrible situation.” He pointed out that there are a lot of Republicans that support our immigration protocols and policies and are just as guilty as the Democrats.

Significantly, the Obama administration has given reporters and congressmen an ultimatum not to talk to the children or else face possible prosecution. What’s more, according to Darby, border patrol agents have been taken off the border and forced to act as nannies. As a result, the border is understaffed, allowing other illegals to cross without incident. The crisis, according to Darby, is the worst humanitarian crisis since Hurricane Katrina and, by next year, it will be considered even worse.

Darby shared that he came into the political arena as a ”human rights activist, in order to help other human beings. And I have been arguing for a long time that open borders are inhumane.” The problem for the “right,” according to Darby, is that they “often demonize the kids that came here rather than demonize the administration that encouraged it.”

In summary, Darby argued that the open door border policy of Democrats and Republicans alike has created this humanitarian crisis involving thousands of illegal immigrant children.