Consequences of Mass Immigration
Posted By Chris Brown On April 26, 2008 @ 8:31 am In News Archive | 10

Over the years the BNP, and only the BNP have spoken out against the continuation of mass immigration. We have warned of the dangers to social cohesion. We have warned about rising crime rates, now proven to come with unfettered immigration. We have warned about the strain being put upon the infrastructure of the country, and upon all of its social services - and a lot more besides!

We have been insulted, smeared, and abused, often physically, for speaking out. But we have been proved right!

That’s why the BNP continues to speak out on behalf of the indigenous peoples of this country. The truth is the truth, and it has to be told, regardless of the consequences!

Below there are four short reports from the non political organisation, the ‘[1] Optimum Population Trust‘ that confirms all that the BNP has been saying about the inherent dangers associated with unfettered immigration.

April 1 2008