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Thread: British NHS Better Than American Health Care

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    British NHS Better Than American Health Care

    The Daily Squib
    By Dan Kabal

    Thankfully for South Americans and Mexicans, when Obamacare comes into operation and additionally the illegal alien amnesty is pushed through, millions more will get some necessary free health care.
    British NHS Better Than American Health Care

    S****HORPE - England - Britain's ailing oversubscribed health service, the NHS, has been hailed as better than the American health care system, a United Nations inspectorate has revealed.

    World Health Organisation officials who flew into Britain last week were shocked to see the degradation and poverty of some parts of Britain's NHS, but they still think it is better than America's expensive creaking lackluster health care system.

    "We analysed many different factors and indices to give a very damning report on American health care. As a whole it is far too expensive for most people to even contemplate receiving any treatment. How can anyone justify getting an eye drop for $65 or an x-ray for $435? Health insurance in the U.S. even without Obamacare is pricing millions out of a human right, whereas in the UK, if you need any procedure, scans or medicine it is free. That's why we applaud the UK who allow health tourism for millions of people from the Third World and poor Eastern European countries to come over and use its services every year. The NHS is the world's freest health service and even though it is straining with the vast volume of recipients it is still there..barely," Dr. Jenny Allenson, the visiting WHO official revealed.

    In America, a health insurance premium for a family of four costs over $38,000 per annum which does not include additional costs incurred, in stark contrast, in the UK there is no cost for health care under the NHS. Under Obamacare, some states have already seen a rise of over 250% for working families in health care costs. President Obama says this is crucial so that the 48 million Americans on food stamps can get full health care for free.

    Thankfully for South Americans and Mexicans, when Obamacare comes into operation and additionally the illegal alien amnesty is pushed through, millions more will get some necessary free health care.
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    <sigh> Firstly it is not 'free' healthcare. It is 'free' at the point of service. Every working person pays a % of their income to fund it (was 9% last time I worked there). That money covers medical care, disability & ''old age' pension. It is the freeloading from people who have no right to even be in the country that is breaking the system. Similar problem here don't you think? Different nationalities, same problems. I spent the first 50 yrs of my life in England & the healthcare served me & my family fine. I have received (so far) good healthcare in the US - no difference. I can, however, say for sure that no-one in the UK has to go bankrupt for want of healthcare, which is what happened to us when hubby lost his job. I realize things are different here & I think the American people should have what they want, but also would like people to understand that a large part of how good or bad something seems is what you 'grew up' with & are used to.

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    In the US a huge part of the taxes we pay go to healthcare, old age benefits (SS / medicaid), and the like. But for many receiving healthcare that their taxes is paying to provide for others is to expensive for them. The costs in the US is simply way to high.

    However its not an issue caused by illegal aliens, tourists, or legal immigrants. Yes that all has a negative effect on the US's system however is not the real cause. The real cause is burdensome laws and more so a Public Payer in a Private Industry. Healthcare in the US is near 100% private industry, hospitals are no longer owned by cities/states/federal government. They were sold off years ago to private groups. Yet the payer is the US Government (taxpayers) for the majority. If you can't get the care you need as you can't afford it then your insurance pays it, if no insurance then either you don't get it or the government programs like medicaid and medicare kick in. So if prices are to high no worries, Uncle Sam with YOUR wallet will cover the bill.

    That is the core issue. It either needs to be government payer to government healthcare OR private payer for private healthcare. That is the system that will lower prices, lower doctor pay, and lower overhead when peoples wallets are the ones paying for their own care or the government pinching pennies to not do unneeded tests/treatments *just in case*.

    However this also means if we choose a private system it means ending required ER care. If no cash then NO care unless life or death emergency but before released must have some form of payment plan.

    However of course our flawed system that is already unbearable is even more weighed down by the mass welfare, unemployed, immigrants who don't have time in, and illegal aliens. A Universal Healthcare system needs to account for some of that such as baring care other then private payer to immigrants with less then say 5 years of taxes paid in and illegal aliens.

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