Brooks: Biden’s Confused Immigration Strategy Is ‘We Welcome You’ and ‘No, Don’t Come’

by IAN HANCHETT18 Sep 2021

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks argued President Joe Biden’s immigration strategy has been a jumbled strategy of “we welcome you. No, don’t come.”

Brooks said, “I guess the question I would ask is, Trump had a strategy. I didn’t particularly like the strategy, but it was a strategy. And it was a strategy of cruelty and deterrence. Don’t come here. We’re going to treat you badly. Don’t come. It’ll be very painful for you. I don’t particularly think it was in line with our values, but it was a strategy. What’s the Biden strategy? The Biden strategy has been, we welcome you. No, don’t come.

And so, the strategy has been hodgepodge.”