August 28, 2015
By Newsmachete

We are constantly told that unless we support amnesty, we cannot win elections, even though both Mitt Romney and John McCain soft-pedaled the immigration issue and both lost. But a new poll shows that in a hypothetical head-to-head with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump gets only 21% of the Hispanic vote, and Jeb Bush gets only 35%. (And Marco Rubio does even worse then Jeb. I guess being Hispanic and sponsoring amnesty legislation for illegal aliens isn't enough to get the Hispanic vote.)

That's right. All the pandering to illegals, kissing Jorge Ramos's ring, speaking in Spanish with his halting Forrest Gump accent, promising massive amnesty – all these efforts by Bush gets him a measly extra 14% of the Hispanic vote. Congratulations!

Now remember that Hispanics are only 17% of the population, and many of those are not citizens. What is 14% of 17%? Not very much.

Now imagine a candidate who can engage voters who stayed at home in 2008 and 2012, voters who were disgusted because they saw no difference between the two parties. That's called "energizing the base," something Republicans are loath to do as they rush to "move to the middle" and "expand their tent."

I'll bet Donald Trump could do even better among Hispanics. Contrary to the propaganda, there is no single group called "Hispanics." They are many different people. Not all of them want illlegals legalized. Many of them would vote for a strong, charismatic leader like Trump. Appeal to them on the other issues, like liberty, freedom, and private property rights. It's true these aren't Hispanic-specific issues; the media would have us believe that unless you speak to "Hispanic-specific issues," you can't appeal to Hispanics. It's funny that no one says that about the Irish-Americans and the British-Americans and the Australian-Americans. I guess they don't have race-specific issues. Only the Hispanics do.

The media want us to think the only choice is to support amnesty. They want us to think that supporting border security is election day poison. And Republican insiders mostly agree.