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Thread: CA. 100 arrested in gang, Mexican Mafia crackdown

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    CA. 100 arrested in gang, Mexican Mafia crackdown

    100 arrested in gang, Mexican Mafia crackdown

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    Prisoners are moved in the Santa Ana Police Department headquarters between processing points after being rounded up in crack down on Mexican Mafia.

    54 COMMENTSBy SALVADOR HERNANDEZ | Orange County Register
    July 14, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    SANTA ANA – Nearly 100 alleged gang members have been indicted in what law enforcement officials are calling a devastating blow on local gangs and leaders of the notorious Mexican Mafia.

    Among those named in one of several indictments unsealed Wednesday was Peter Ojeda, a Santa Ana native indicted in 2005 and currently in federal prison. Despite his incarceration, Ojeda is accused of continuing to hold a grip in Orange County’s Latino street gangs, ordering punishment on local gangs that refused to follow his commands and giving the “green light” on rivals who tried to take his place as the leader of the Mexican Mafia in Orange County.

    Also named in the indictments is Armando Moreno, who according to prosecutors, maintained control of Orange County jails on behalf of the Mexican Mafia until April 2009. Then in the summer of 2009, a rift exploded between Moreno and Ojeda, with each claiming control of Orange County.

    Through 2009, federal officials allege Moreno and Ojeda ordered each other’s supporters killed as they attempted to gain control of county gangs over each other. A rift grew in the organization as the two fought for control, resulting in several messages that were relayed to Orange County jails, ordering the killings of inmates in the jails.

    Though no killings occurred in the jail, at least five supporters of Ojeda were assaulted under the orders of Moreno, according to authorities.

    Ojeda also allegedly ordered the assault of two inmates and members of the Mexican Mafia, Jaime Torres and Jason Baez, after they granted interviews to MSNBC’s “Lockup” series, because it violated the organization’s code of silence.

    Ojeda remains in custody at the U.S. Penitentiary in Lewisburg, PA, and Moreno is in custody in Tehachapi State Prison, but attacks under their command continued to be carried out in the streets and jails of Orange County, authorities said.

    Both are facing charges of racketeering and violent crimes in the aid of racketeering.

    Throughout the investigation, deputies collected about 2,300 pieces of evidence in the case, including messages known as “kites”, between and to inmates, said Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.

    The multiple arrests, which officials said included “soldiers” and the top leaders of the criminal organization, will deal a “staggering and comprehensive blow,” said Andre Birotte, U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California.

    “We are delivering a powerful message to the Mexican Mafia,” Birotte said.

    In an action dubbed “Operation Black Flag,” federal and local law enforcement officials raided 42 locations throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside counties, targeting 99 individuals who have been named in five federal indictments, said Douglas Price, assistant special agent in charge of the criminal division of the Los Angeles FBI office.

    Authorities also seized weapons, cash and drugs.

    “This indictment will have an impact in the gang’s structure and their ability to conduct business,” Price said.

    The 32-month-long investigation of the suspects included investigators from several local and federal agencies, including the FBI, Santa Ana and Costa Mesa police departments, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the California Department of Corrections.

    Also taken into custody were several members of an O.C. gang known to operate in the Westside of Costa Mesa. According one of the indictments unsealed Wednesday, the gang collects taxes on behalf of the Mexican Mafia from those who want to sell narcotics within Costa Mesa.

    Known as La Eme, the Mexican Mafia had its beginnings in the California prison system, eventually expanding its influence over local gangs.

    According to FBI documents, the organization is believed to have had its beginnings in the 1950s, but organized inside the prison system for years and developed a formal leadership structure. La Eme grew its control over narcotics trafficking inside the prison system and out.

    Through its control of the state’s prisons, the Mexican Mafia was also able to tighten its hold on street gangs outside of prisons by threatening violence – and offering protection – for their members when they entered the penal system.

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    ag holder & lynch were too busy protecting the mexican mobs by eliminating the italian mobs & ignoring the growing hispanic mobs..

    More than 800 federal and local law enforcement officials seized the suspects in New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island in the early hours, targeting New York's five mafia families, one in New Jersey and one in Rhode Island.Calling the mafia "among the most dangerous criminals in our country", Eric Holder, the Attorney General said.
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    At the time JohnDoe2 posted this he didn't realize how old the article was so asked us to remove. Did a search of our archives and part of it was once posted but the entire article didn't carry over when we changed our website years ago.

    So in this case we will allow as is but please just notice this was from 2011.
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