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    CA: Immigration checks debated in Costa Mesa

    Immigration checks debated in Costa Mesa

    September 14, 2010 | 7:47 am
    Costa Mesa city staff plan to ask the City Council at a study session Tuesday for time to research the federal E-Verify program to determine how the city might use it to check the immigration status of potential employees.

    The issue is being brought forward at the request of Mayor Allan Mansoor, a staunch critic of illegal immigration.

    "It's one piece of the puzzle; it's not going to solve everything," he said. "It has to be addressed on a larger scale by other cities as well. One city can't solve it on its own, but we can certainly do our part."

    E-Verify, an Internet-based program administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, allows employers to check applicants' eligibility to work in the United States. The program is free to use, and the status check is voluntary except for certain jobs, such as those with federal contracts, according to a city staff report.

    At a recent news conference about plans to crack down on illegal immigration in the city, Mansoor said he would like to explore whether Costa Mesa could use E-Verify before entering into agreements with contractors or could require employers seeking business licenses from the city to use E-Verify.

    "I want to have a good open discussion about it regarding the application of it, what can and can't be done, and get feedback from the council and the public," said Mansoor, who is running for a seat in the California Assembly.

    If the council approves the staff request, three issues will be researched: how the city can use E-Verify in its employment process; how the city can create "clauses" in its contracts or agreements to require those seeking contracts with Costa Mesa to use E-Verify before hiring; and how the city can require employers seeking business licenses to use the system, according to the staff report.

    -- Mona Shadia, Times Community News
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    E-Verify can do a lot more than is currently being done. It will also send a nationwide message that hiring of illegal aliens will result in serious fines or punishment. Not a complete solution but a piece of the bigger effort.
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