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Thread: Calais jungle at 'crisis point' as riot police fire tear gas at migrants

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    Calais jungle at 'crisis point' as riot police fire tear gas at migrants

    Calais 'Jungle' at 'crisis point': Riot police fire tear gas at migrants as heavy rain turns the camp into a muddy bog, forcing ever-more desperate attempts to sneak into Britain

    Riot police clashed with migrants in Calais who were trying to enter Britain

    Some 800 of them threw stones at passing lorries and blocked Eurotunnel

    Officers fired tear gas to and pushed migrants back to the 'Jungle' camp

    Camp is at crisis point as recent heavy rain turns ground into muddy bog

    See more news on the migrant crisis at Migrant and Refugee Crisis News from Syria and Europe | Daily Mail Online

    Riot police have fired tear gas at migrants in Calais as the wet weather is forcing them to into ever-more desperate attempts to sneak into Britain.

    Following weeks of heavy rain, the camp, known as the Jungle, has turned into a muddy bog with charities warning conditions have reached crisis point.

    An increasing number of migrants are now attempting to stowaway in lorries and sneak into the Eurotunnel, forcing security at the tunnel to be tightened.

    It has been reported that some 800 migrants threw stones at passing trucks in a bid to get them to slow down in order for them to try and clamber into the back.

    It is thought that several vehicles were left with broken windscreens and had their cargo holds forcibly opened.

    The group had occupied a road leading to the port of Calais forcing French riot police to use tear gas to try and disperse the crowds.

    They then pushed the migrants back into the Jungle camp but had to contend with some inhabitants throwing rocks and responded by throwing smoke bombs.

    During this time access to the port, which also serves as the entrance to the Eurotunnel was closed.

    The continuing unrest in Calais has prompted the mayor of the town to call for the Army to be deployed there to keep calm.

    In a series of posts on Twitter Natacha Bouchart wrote: 'While police forces found themselves in serious trouble last night, I reiterate my call to the intervention of the army in #Calais.

    'This is to ensure the safety of migrants and Calais. Delinquent migrants must be able to be identified and expelled.'

    Meanwhile the migration crisis which engulfed Europe over the summer has led to a sharp rise in asylum-seekers in the UK.

    The number seeking sanctuary in Britain in the three months to September hit 10,156 – up 64 per cent from 6,203 between April and June, said Home Office figures. It was the highest figure recorded for 12 years.

    This increase coincided with the height of the chaos at Calais when some 5,000 immigrants camped in the city made desperate attempts to stowaway on lorries, trains and ferries to sneak over the English Channel.

    Blaming the UK for the situation, French politicians said the migrants saw the country as a soft touch with lavish benefits and the prospect of illegal work and accommodation.

    Problems were worsened by the arrival of more than 850,000 migrants in Europe, many making the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean to flee humanitarian disasters in Africa and the Middle East.

    Read more: Calais jungle at 'crisis point' as riot police fire tear gas at migrants | Daily Mail Online

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    Just waiting for winter to set in across Europe.It's probably going to be like scenes of Detroit----people trying to keep warm in their hoodies, standing around a burn barrel.
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    EXCLUSIVE: Calais Trucker’s Close Brush With Death as Migrants Hurl WOODEN STAKE Through Cab Window

    A Czech truck driver passing through Calais has narrowly avoided being killed by migrants when they hurled a long wooden stake through the window of his cab before mobbing his vehicle.

    The driver was able to speed away, but police at the port said they were unable to offer assistance as he was not hurt during the attack.

    But the attack, which took place on Wednesday night, has taken its toll on the driver’s career, as the frightening experience has left him unwilling to make the cross-channel journey again.

    His boss has laid the blame for the attack at the feet of the European Union (EU), as he believes it’s not within the power of any one country to stem the tide of the migrant flow while tied into the wider union.

    However, he had some choice words for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has refused to back down on Germany’s open door policy to migrants holding Syrian passports.

    Describing the attack, Radek Novak, managing director of freight company Vlastimil Hajek told Breitbart London exclusively: “It attack happened on Wednesday night.

    Our driver was heading into the port when a group of immigrants – I’d like to use a stronger word but I won’t – shouted at him to stop. They asked him for food, for clothing, and for money.

    “When he refused, that was when they threw the wooden stake through his window.

    “Then five or six people on each side climbed up onto the cab and were trying to break in. They tried to destroy the cab.

    “He was unarmed and defenceless so carried on driving with the wood in his window to get away.

    When he got to Calais he stopped and asked for assistance, but the police told him that as no one was injured they wouldn’t do anything.
    “They don’t care.”

    A picture of the lorry with the stake through its window has been widely shared by haulage drivers on social media. One driver, who passes through Calais regularly commented: “This has got to stop.

    The authorities MUST do something about it to protect our lives, our safety and our vehicles. I can’t think of any other modernised and civilised European country that would allow this to happen.”

    Others have pointed out that it was lucky it wasn’t a British right hand drive vehicle, as the driver would have been killed. The stake was about six to eight feet in length.

    Novak said, following the stressful attack, his driver has decided to stop taking cross-channel loads, as it’s just too risky:

    “This is now his last journey to England, he’s refusing to go again. He has been working for me for 14 years, he’s one of my best drivers.”

    Radek says it’s not a problem for the English or French governments alone to sort out as it’s a global problem, although he apportions some of the blame to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Above all, however, he’s adamant that the European Union is at fault. “I would like to see us leave the Union” he says, adding. “I’m worried for my country, I’m worried for my children.”

    And, he says, he’s worried for Britain, which he believes should also leave the EU. “I visited England about five years ago,” he said. “For the first three or four days I was there, I didn’t meet a single British person.

    Everyone was an immigrant, at the hotels, at the car hire, not a single person was English.”

    Hundreds of migrants have been rioting all this week outside the French port, causing delays to ferry services and long traffic tail-backs.

    Although riot police have been intermittently forcing the crowds back using tear gas, many of the migrants have retaliated by hurling stones and rocks, at the police – and at lorries, smashing cab windows.

    Some drivers have taken a more proactive approach to defending themselves from migrant attack.

    Breitbart London reproduced today the remarkable dash-cam footage of a Hungarian driver who was determined to not become a victim — and used his lorry to charge migrants by the side of the road.
    EXCLUSIVE: Calais Trucker?s Close Brush With Death as Migrants Hurl WOODEN STAKE Through Cab Window

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