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    California Primary/Independents CANNOT Vote For Republican

    With alot of people changing thier political parties, I wanted to get this out since Duncan Hunter is a Republican. I'v been hearing some rumors about the new voting laws so I called the voter hotline to verify. ... _voter.php

    'Independents' Can Vote for Democrats but Not Republicans in California Primary

    California is still a hue of royal blue in the bloody bruise that exemplifies partisan U.S. politics. But with the ludicrous and often homogeneous plans suggested by members of the so-called "right" and "left," California voters have only grown to embrace their right-to-choose in a people's democracy.
    Californians who choose not to register as a red, blue, or third-party voter -- "Decline to State" voters -- comprise nearly one-fifth of the state's registered voters according to the Secretary of State's office. That's a 50 percent increase in voters registered "Decline to State" compared to the same point in the 2000 election cycle, according to California voter registration data. (In the 1999 survey of registered voters 46 percent were registered Dems, 35 percent Republicans; in 2007, those numbers are 43 and 34, respectively.)
    But Decline to State or unaffiliated voters will not necessarily be allowed to participate in the February 5th California primary. Why?
    The California Republican Party decided only to accept ballots cast by registered Republicans for next year's presidential primary.

    Voter Hotline

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    I think "decline to state" voters have until January 21 to register as Republican.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Populist
    I think "decline to state" voters have until January 21 to register as Republican.
    If you want to vote on another party's ballot, you have to request that party's ballot be sent to you. I do not know the deadline.

    California Voter Hotline 1-800-345-8683

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